About Jack Lord
  • Jack Lord had a clause in his contracts specifying that wherever a TV series or movie location took him there must be first-class accommodations for two. This was so he could keep his wife (Marie) close to him at all times.
  • Hawaii Five-O?producer Leonard Freeman looked at Jack Lord as very much a perfectionist. Freeman once said, "Having a star like Jack is like having money in the bank. He's always on time; no bags under his eyes, and he's credibility casting. When he flashes that badge, people believe him." Prior to theHawaii Five-O?series, Jack Lord and Leonard Freeman had worked together on an unsold pilot calledGrand Hotel.
  • Lord trained at the famous New York Actor's Studio with such future movie stars as Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, and Marlon Brando.
  • Jack Lord's first Broadway appearances included versions of?Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?and?Traveling Lady.
  • Lord was a popular sensation in Hawaii - tour buses often ran by his home and he was constantly swamped for autographs. He so identified with the state and the series?Hawaii Five-O?that he owned a white Cadillac with personalized license plates that read "Five-O."
  • Elvis Presley formed a strong friendship with Jack Lord in 1973, inviting him to a show he was giving in Hawaii, visiting his home on more than one occasion, and personally asking him to be an honored guest at an opening performance in Las Vegas. Presley continued to keep in touch with Lord and his wife until his death in 1977.
  • Jack was considered as a candidate to play James Kirk in the second pilot episode of?Star Trek. The possibility fell through when he wanted a financial and production stake in the series.
  • Jack Lord was twice-married. His first marriage to Ann Willard spanned five years and resulted in a child - a son named after him and that he saw only once (as an infant). His son died in a drowning accident at age 13. His second marriage, to Marie DeNarde, lasted from 1954 until his death in 1998. A former fashion designer, Marie DeNarde decorated both their 4,500 square foot condominium and Lord's mobile dressing room.
  • Always athletic and a fan of the outdoors, Jack Lord enjoyed sporting activities including fencing, boating, horseback riding, and underwater spear-fishing. During the shooting of?Hawaii Five-O, he would typically run a mile every morning before breakfast.
  • Jack once possessed a seaplane pilot's license and had worked in jobs as varied as steel construction in Persia (Iran today) and automobile sales.
  • Lord was infamous for being imperious and hard to work with. However, fellow?Hawaii Five-Operformers Kam Fong, Zulu, Harry Endo, and Jimmy Borges have credited him as professional, generous, and normally soft-spoken. Many cast members considered him a friend and a mentor. Jack Lord was 6'2" and liked to appear as the tallest actor on screen - he often wore elevating footwear when appearing with Richard Denning, Al Harrington, and tall guest stars.
  • Jack Lord was once in danger of being replaced by Lloyd Bridges on?Hawaii Five-O?when he became involved in a bitter dispute with series producer Leonard Freeman.
  • Jack Lord attended college at New York University on a football scholarship. He was a member of the track team as well.
  • Lord's artwork is fairly renowned. He has works in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and has had paintings shown at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. and at exhibitions of the American Watercolor Society.
  • Jack Lord held an Ensign's commission and Third Mate's rank in the United States Merchant Marine.
  • Some of Jack Lord's early notable performances include playing CIA agent Felix Leiter in?Dr. No?and a starring role on the short-lived TV western?Stoney Burke. Lord had been offered the Leiter role inGoldfinger, but had to turn it down because he had just signed with Daystar for the role of?Stoney Burke.
  • Jack and his wife Marie Lord (who died in October 2005) left an endowment of over 40 million dollars to fund various charities in Hawaii.
  • Though never officially acknowledged, Jack Lord suffered from some type of progressive disease later in life. According to?Hawaii Five-O?co-star Kam Fong, "we knew he was sick, he was suffering from Alzheimer's...Marie (Lord's wife) would allow no one to visit, not even MacArthur (James, who played detective Danny Williams)."
  • Born John Joseph Patrick Ryan, Lord wanted to use Jack Ryan as a stage name. He found that it was already registered at Actor's Equity to another person, and wanting a simple and direct name, he chose Jack Lord.
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