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Thursday, October 13, 2005

HONOLULU ? Marie Lord, wife of actor Jack Lord, who portrayed Steve McGarrett on one of television?s longest running police dramas, Hawaii Five-O, died at her home in Honolulu this morning.?

Marie Lord was at her husband?s side when he passed away in January 1998. When asked about the special relationship they shared, Marie said, ?Lots of women do as much and are as much to their husbands, but the difference is that Jack appreciates it ? and that?s what makes the difference. Multiply that appreciation by years, multiply his constancy ? and you will understand.??

Marie Lord was born Marie L. de Narde in St. Louis, Missouri, to French parents. She studied fashion design and art in Paris and later moved to New York to pursue a career as a fashion designer. It was in New York that she met Jack, who was a fine arts major attending New York University on a football scholarship. Marie Lord soon left her career to help support Jack in becoming an actor. Jack liked to call her, ?the bride of my youth who abides with me still.??

Vi and Paul Loo, her trustees and longtime friends of Jack and Marie Lord said, ?Their long marriage set a unique example in Hollywood and Marie was as supportive a wife as we have ever seen. Jack?s ability to design jewelry and Marie?s sense of style was a combination made in heaven.??

Marie Lord was well known for her sensational figure and 19-inch waist, as well as covering her hair in public. She laughed about the habit, saying, ?I can?t stand to waste time at the hairdressers and I hate the dryer.??

Marie Lord would spend hours assisting Jack with all the administrative tasks that came along with being a star ? be it invitations, personal mail, requests or business correspondence. Jack had called her ?fiercely courageous ? no pushover.??

When Hawaii Five-O ended, Jack and Marie remained in the islands and continued to be active in the community and local charities.?

Mrs. Lord requested that there be no funeral services. It was her wish that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Jack and Marie Lord Fund, which benefits local charities. Donations can be sent care of the Hawai?i Community Foundation, 1164 Bishop Street, Suite 800, Honolulu, HI 96813.?

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