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SpoilerTV Comment Policy

We pride ourselves here at SpoilerTV with the quality, friendlyness and respectfullness of our community. All comments in English please.

Name-calling, personal attacks, spamming, excessive self-promotion, condescending pomposity, general assiness, racism, sexism, any-other-ism, homophobia, acrophobia, and destructive (versus constructive) criticism will get you BANNED from the party as will creating multiple accounts.

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  • Hawaii Five 0
  • McGarrett in "Ina Paha" (Photo : CBS)

Hawaii Five-0 season 6 finale is about to go nuclear.

'Hawaii Five-0' Season 5 Finale Scoop: Gabriel Waincroft Returns, Kono & Adam Face Wedding Problems

The CBS drama will conclude the current season with back-toback episodes, the second of which will bring back Cathrine Rollins (Michelle Borth) as McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) team races to stop a "patriot" from igniting a new war on terror.

"On the eve of Kono's (Grace Park) wedding to Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), Five-0 must stop a fanatical patriot intent on starting a new war on terror by detonating stolen nuclear warheads and framing a terrorist leader," CBS teased in regards to "A Make Kaua (Until We Die)."

'Hawaii Five-0' Season 5: Catherine Rollins Returns [PHOTOS], Michelle Borth Back On Set

"A Make Kaua" will be preceded by a little drama on the home front. Danny (Scott Caan) and Kono will both receive some shocking news regarding their respective ex-wives and fiancées during "Luapo'i (Prey)," part of which will deal with Adam's alleged lingering connections to the Yakuza.

Although the episodes will air on the same night, May 8, executive producer Peter Lenkov assures viewers that it will not be one long story. Instead, the events of "Luapo'I" and "A Make Kaua" will take place a week apart.

Find out more when Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Click the video below to see a preview for the series' latest episode, "Ua Helele'i Ka Hoku."

SpoilerTV Comment Policy

We pride ourselves here at SpoilerTV with the quality, friendlyness and respectfullness of our community. All comments in English please.

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Season 5 | Episode 21 | “Ua helele’i ka hoku” | Aired Apr 10, 2015

This episode of Hawaii Five-0 calls back to three episodes from earlier this season: Lou’s big episode from last week, the McDanno stakeout episode, and Chin’s subplot from the Colombia episode. So let’s jump into our case-of-the-week.

At an Elvis–impersonator competition, a contestant is performing in front of a screaming crowd. Jerry and Max—both in costumes—are in the audience when the performer collapses.

At the airport, Steve is picking Lou up from his trip to Chicago. He flew out to investigate his best friend Clay, but Clay’s girlfriend and all of their old cop friends aren’t talking. They all believe his wife’s death was an accident, but Lou is still determined to lock him up one day.

But it will have to wait because the team has a case. At the scene, Max tells Steve and Lou that their Elvis, Lane Collins, showed signs of cyanide poisoning, and it must have happened right before he went on stage. The murder weapon? A tampered-with bottle of bourbon found in his dressing room.

There is limited backstage access, so one of the performers must have seen something. Jerry says that Collins was the frontrunner to win the $20,000 prize, but he has a different theory about why he was killed. Jerry thinks it has something to do with his costume, something that a professional ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist) like Collins would never have worn.

Five-0 thanks Jerry for his input and begins interviewing the Elvi (the proper plural, thanks Jerry). Kono finds an Elvis who was in Collins’s dressing room before the show. Collins said the bourbon was sent as a gift. Chin gets some scoop from another Elvis, too. It turns out, Collins was in an up-and-coming band in the mid-aughts, but there was a nasty breakup a few months ago. Since then, the guitarist, Kaleo Fisher, had been bashing Collins online.

Kono interviews an Elvis

Lou and Steve track down Kaleo playing covers at a half-empty bar. He’d been talking to agents about getting the band back together, but Collins wasn’t interested. But when Steve mentions the brand of bourbon used to kill Collins, Kaleo recognizes it.

Kaleo points them to a groupie. She misheard the lyrics to a song, and thought it name-checked the bourbon brand. She used to always bring a bottle to the band’s shows. She also had wax on her stove (from resealing the poisoned bottle), and had Googled “How to poison someone.” (Rookie mistakes.) Groupie confesses to killing Collins to “protect his legacy.”

Well, that was quick. Case closed. (Almost.) It turns out that, yet again, Jerry’s theory wasn’t so crazy after all. Collins had called a costume shop multiple times because they gave him the wrong suit. And when Danny stops by the shop, the owner is dead and the place is ransacked.

At the ME’s office, Max is getting ready to start the autopsy when three armed, masked men barge in and take the body. It’s not missing for long, though. Steve and Lou find it dumped and stripped three blocks away. And then Steve finds a diamond in the body bag. That bedazzled suit was not covered in rhinestones.

Steve finds a diamond

After running the serial number, the team learns that the diamonds are from the heist that led to McDanno’s stakeout. Ivanovich had stashed the loot before he was killed, and the suit was a way to smuggle the diamonds off the island. The next obvious step is to visit Barry Burns, the diamond fence. He’s under house arrest and very much enjoying it. McDanno wants to know where Ivanovich stashed the diamonds. Barry gives them a list of the people who have come asking the same question.

Jon Lovitz as Barry Burns on Hawaii Five-0

(Important, semi-related note: Does Cloris Leachman still think Steve and Danny are dating? I need to know.)

Kono discovers that Ivanovich rented a private wine cellar, and the winery was broken into a few days ago. But another person came looking for the hidden diamonds—Ivanovich’s brother, Ivanovich II. Steve realizes that if Ivanovich II knew where the diamonds were stashed, he knows who his brother was working with, too. That means Barry’s in trouble. And he’s extra in trouble, because Lou figured out that Barry’s list was a stall tactic. He’s known where the diamonds were all along.

When McDanno shows up at Barry’s, there are signs of a struggle, and they find Barry trapped in the hot tub. Barry comes clean and says he put together a crew to steal and smuggle the diamonds. Barry told Ivanovich everything, and he’s on his way to the hotel to find the crew now.

Ivanovich II finds and takes out the crew, but the cops are right behind him, so he improvises. He puts on the $3 million suit and blends in with the crowd of Elvi. Of course Jerry notices the suit and alerts Steve. Ivanovich pulls a machine gun out of his guitar case (very gangster) and opens fire, but Steve takes him out before anyone is hurt. The team (plus Jerry) heads out for a drink, where Jerry performs (and slays) an Elvis tune.

Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia) sings an Elvis song on Hawaii Five-0

While all this was happening, Chin was worrying about his brother-in-law and escaped convict, Gabe. Chin spotted him outside HQ that morning, but loses him. Later, Chin gets a call from Gabe. He tells Chin that he’s going to help him get off the island, because Gabe has something that’s important for Chin—and it’s waiting for him at home.

Because Chin is a rational human being, he calls the police and has the bomb squad do a sweep of the house, but all they find is an envelope. Chin opens it and finds photos of Adam and an older man. He doesn’t know what it means, but I think we can all agree, it’s nothing good for Kono.

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9/8C on CBS.

"Fallen Star" was a clever name for an hour that involved a convention full of Elvis impersonators and the reappearance of an old case. 

On Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 21 the team must solve the case of the death of an Elvis among many Elvi, who was unlucky enough to have more than one person interested in his death. 

To start this off, my favorite part of this hour had to be that Max and Jerry continued their bromance and attended a concert dressed as Elvis and his long time manager. 

The dynamic that didn't work was between Danny and Steve. It barely looked like they liked each other, and I swear Danny wasn't happy once. 

Instead of working with Danny, Steve had more screen time investigating the case with Grover. Judging by the comments made on Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 20, I suspect a lot of fans won't like this, even though I thought they actually worked well as a team.

I was also very happy that it was mentioned that Grover went to Chicago to try and prove Clay's guilt, even though he wasn't very successful.

Normally, when I get someone else's pants I don't go on a violent killing spree to get them back.


Chin's problem with his cousin was also revived and he was making demands of Chin about getting him off the island. His threat at the end was ominous and those pictures of Adam with an unidentified man were not at all what I suspected. I am really interested to see where this story line is going coming into the end of the season. 

The case this week had great comic relief. I enjoyed Steve and Danny both thinking they were on the trail of the murder and then discovering an entirely different case and murder.

I also liked the attempt to tie it in with a past case. However, just like his brother a few episodes ago, this criminal was disposed of way to quickly as well. He appeared to threaten Barry and take his diamonds back and then died in under 10 minutes.

At least he had a really cool scene where his gun came out of a guitar case, even though we all knew it was going to end one way. 

This installment made me a lot more excited for where the season will leave the team at the end. This season seems to be leaning toward everyone facing parts of their past. I suspect Kona and Adam may have to deal with the Yakuza again, and Chin is going to have to deal with his cousin's demands, as well. Of course, we can't forget about Steve and how Joe has been making appearances and mentioned Doris. 

My favorite bits:

  • Jerry as an Elvis fan
  • Grover bringing pizzas in his bag 
  • Kono's face when Jerry was explaining his theory about why Lane was murdered 
  • The team interviewing the various impersonators 

What did you think about this hour? Did you enjoy the case of the week? Who do you think the man was in the pictures with Adam? Did you see that coming? What are you predictions for the end of the season? 

if you haven't seen it yet be sure to watch Hawaii Five-0 online via TV Fanatic! 

Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0
Little 5-year-old Steve McGarrett wanted to be a police officer. Now, former Navy SEAL, Lt. Commander Steven McGarrett currently leads the Hawaii Five-0 task force. It appears that life on the islands is agreeing with him.
Derek Morgan - Criminal Minds
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Kevin Garvey - The Leftovers
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Jack Larsen - Stalker
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The End.

Up Next: "23 Dreamiest Male Detectives."

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