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the new Hawaii Five-0 on CBS

“Hey,” he said to Kono and Chin around a mouthful of pickles.  “You tried these?  They’re good.”

The jar was one of many from a larger box.  It was Kono who made the connection first.  “Those aren’t-“

The return address belonged to the hospital.  “Should we tell him?”

Danny immediately stopped chewing.  “Tell me what?”

Kono’s only response was revulsion.

“Tell me what?!”

“Those are specimen jars,” Chin announced.  “From Bergman’s lab.”

Danny’s reaction was instantaneous.  His eyes grew wide.  He shoved the jar into Kono’s hands.  Then he ran.

He flushed the pickles and his record down the toilet.

(Repost. 100 words.  In reference to “Palekaiko”.  Originally written in 2010 as trekkingalong.)

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(Author’s Notes:  This is a copy of the original draft of “No Escape”.  Sometimes I knock a story down to 100 words but there’s still more to be told.  The first paragraph focuses on Steve’s anger but in its entirety, the story is more about friendship.  I remember going back and forth on this one, trying to decide which one to post.  In this case, you get both!)

Chin’s explanation hung in the silence between them.  Disbelief lasted only several seconds.  Then every emotion Steve thought he’d laid to rest years ago swelled to the surface.  His chest grew tight with grief.  His hands curled into clenched fists.  His head began to spin with anger.  A teenager’s anger, directed at the world for its lack of fairness, was replaced by an adult’s focused fury.  Whoever killed his mother was going to die.  Steve didn’t know when or where.  He didn’t know how.  He just knew he’d make it happen.  Then his parents’ murderers could burn in hell together.

Without replying, he fled the confines of the small office.  His retreat didn’t stop there.  Long strides carried him through the common area, straight out the main doors, and down the stairs.  ‘Fight or flight’ had taken over.  Instinct told him placing distance between himself and problem was the best offense.  His head hadn’t cleared enough to realize the obvious.  His feelings would go with him wherever he went.

The occupants of his own office were too engrossed in their own reconciliation to notice his departure.  Danny however had witnessed Steve’s escape.  He poked his head in through Chin’s door.

“Hey.  You know what’s up with him?”

Chin glanced up from his notes but couldn’t find it in himself to answer.

Danny didn’t need an answer.  Chin’s expression said it all.  He took off after his partner a second later.

Coming down the front steps of the palace, his gaze swept the parking lot.  The car wasn’t where he’d left it but it was still there, parked thirty feet away with the engine running.  He jogged over and glanced in through the window.  Steve was sitting in the driver’s seat.  Both hands gripped the steering wheel.  Unfocused eyes stared out through the windshield.

Danny didn’t bother to wrap his knuckles on the glass.  He just opened the passenger side door, dropped in, and closed it behind himself. Several minutes passed with only the sound of the idling engine to fill the cabin.  In all that time, Steve continued to stare.  Despite his partner’s presence, he was alone with his pain.  Danny reached over slowly and turned the key in the ignition.  The engine fell silent.

It was only then that Steve reacted.  His grip loosened and he leaned forward to plant his head on the steering wheel.

Danny sat with him until he was ready to talk.


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“I hate them,” Danny stated vehemently.

“Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?”

“Didn’t I mention?  I.  Hate.  Them.”

“Don’t hold back on my account.”

“HATE!  Capital ‘H’!”

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t catch that.”

“Hate.  Detest.  Abhor!  What part of this declaration do you not understand?!”

Steve seemed mildly impressed.  “Abhor.  Is that like ergo?”

“’Is that like-‘  NO!  One is a verb!  The other is an adverb!  They are not the same!”

“So if I got a couple for Grace for Christmas, you’d be okay with that?”

“Would the tank be big enough to drown you in?”

(Repost.  100 words.  Originally written in 2010 as trekkingalong.  I remember this one being easy to write.  Danny=Me.  I hate jellyfish.  Nasty things.)

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Danny never imagined in a millions years a pair of handcuffs being placed on him by a fellow officer.  Kono couldn’t keep the tears from her eyes as she executed the warrant.  For a moment, they locked gazes.  It was Danny who looked away first.  There were no apologies or explanations.  It was her duty and he wasn’t about to make it any harder than it already was.  There would be a time and a place.  This wasn’t it.

“Detective Danny Williams, you’re under arrest for the murder of Lt. Cmdr. Steve McGarrett.”

His personal nightmare was only just beginning.

(Repost.  Prompt: Nightmare.  100 words.  Originally post in 2010 as trekkingalong.  This was going to become part of a much larger story but…  *insert excuse here.*  Never got there.)

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“We ready?”

Grace nodded.






She nodded again.

“Cranberry sauce?”

She paused, taking a quick look at what was present on the table.  Eventually, she was forced to shake her head.

“This?  This does not offend me.  It comes out shaped like the can it came in.  It’s an affront to nature.  Green bean casserole?” he asked, continuing the inventory.



“A whole bag.  They’re sweet, too!”

“Family and friends?”

Her gaze traveled from Danny, to Kono, to Chin Ho, and finally to Steve.  “All here.”

“You want to say grace, Monkey?”

She grinned.  “GRACE!”

(Repost.  Prompt: Thanksgiving.  Originally written in 2010 as trekkingalong.)

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A friend of mine (Debbie) recently posted this on her blog, and I thought it sounded like fun so decided to have a go at it myself. Here are my answers:

Do you like blue cheese? No, not at all. Being lactose-intolerant, I’m not a big cheese eater anyway, but I do like warm goat’s cheese!

Last concert? Oh wow… I think it was a free concert that we went to in Jersey, Channel Islands. We saw The Commitments, Dannii Minogue, and Big Brovaz.

Do you own a gun? We have Nerf guns and a BB pistol if they count?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? All of them. I love ice cream.

Do you get nervous before Doctor visits? Depends why I’m visiting! But generally, no.

What do you think of hot dogs? I try not to think about what they’re made of while I’m eating them.

Favorite movie? Bad Boys

13139215_550594405118860_6186783307686865254_nWhat do you prefer to drink in the morning? Tea. Always tea. I get sad when my mug is empty!

Do you do push ups? Urgh. When my kick-boxing instructor makes me.

What’s your favorite piece of Jewelry? I have four – my eternity, engagement and wedding rings, given to me by my husband obviously. And a silver Omani coffee pot necklace that my mum and dad gave to me when we lived out in Oman.

Favorite hobby? Reading or watching movies.

Do you have A.D.D.? No, but I do get distracted easily, and I’m very fidgety. I can’t sit still and talk a lot. And I have to be doing something with my hands at all times.

What’s the one thing you dislike about yourself? Probably the lack of wiring between my mouth and my brain. I’ve got myself into a lot of trouble for talking when I should just be quiet!

What is your pet’s name? Dog: Leela. Cats: Nibbler, Kif & Zapp. (Futurama theme!) Box turtle: Freda (despite it being male) and Hamster: Jessie Mk II

Name three thoughts at this moment. 1. I should really get on and do some housework. 2. I need a cup of tea. 3. I should probably do some marketing today.

Name 4 drinks you drink on regularly? Lime squash, tea (obviously), Coke and water – note the lack of alcohol! I do drink, but not as often as people tend to think.

Current worries? A distinct lack of money to do anything with. And possibly the American election. Donald Trump is a very scary prospect.

Current annoyance right now? Lack of money!!

Favorite place to be? Home

How do you bring in the New Year? I usually fall asleep before it chimes in!

Where would you like to go? Ireland, Nepal and Hawaiihawaii.jpg

Favorite TV show? Too many to list! I love a good murder-mystery, and am a big Hawaii Five-O fan.
Do you own slippers? Yes. Leopard-print ballet pumps.

What color shirt are you wearing right now? Burnt orange

Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No – too sweaty.

Can you whistle? Yes, but only when calling the dog. Or children.

What are your favorite color? Black, turquoise and purple.

Would you be a pirate? Yes, but only if it’s Pirates of the Caribbean style.

What songs do you sing in the shower? Whatever is going around my head.

Favorite girl’s name? Rebecca

Favorite boy’s name? William

What’s in your pocket right now? Tissues

Last thing/person that made you laugh? Trainwreck – watched it last night.

Best toy as a child? Stuffed Hello Kitty toy, which I still have.

Worst pain you ever had? Gall bladder – beats childbirth hands down!

Where would you love to live? In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields, forests and a river.

How many TV’s do you have? 2

Who is your loudest friend? I think I’m the loudest out of all of us, but probably Dee.

How many dogs do you have? Onecountry affairs.jpg

Does someone trust you? I’m hoping my children and husband do!

What book are you reading at the moment? CountryAffairs by Zara Stoneley – it’s very good, but taken me a while to get into.

What’s your favorite candy? Haribo or Milkybar

What’s your favorite team? Don’t have one – I tend to watch horse sports rather than team sports. But I’ll watch the England rugby team.

Favorite month? June – it’s my birthday month.


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Morton Stevens (1929-1991)

Morton Stevens (1929-1991)

Another in a series about unsung figures of television.

The name Morton Stevens is barely known by the general public. Yet his signature piece of work — the theme to Hawaii Five-O (or Five-0 as it’s spelled for the revival series that began in 2010) — is almost universally recognized.

In the 1950s, Stevens worked for Sammy Davis Jr. as his music arranger. Then, in 1960, Davis had the chance to perform a dramatic role in The Patsy, an episode of The General Electric Theater, an anthology series.

According to television and film music historian Jon Burlingame (in an audio commentary for the DVD set for the Thriller anthology show hosted by Boris Karloff), Davis wanted Stevens to score the episode. Stevens got the assignment and made a career switch.

Stevens quickly began scoring a variety of genres, including Westerns, crime dramas and horror (the aforementioned Thriller series). And then there were his espionage-show efforts.

Stevens was the first composer to follow Jerry Goldsmith with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. In fact, the very first piece of U.N.C.L.E. music — a few seconds accompanying the U.N.C.L.E. global logo at the start of The Vulcan Affair, first broadcast on Sept. 22, 1964 — was composed by Stevens.

When Goldsmith did the pilot, the show was to be titled Solo. When the show began production of series episodes, the name was changed to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. With that change, the globe logo was devised and it would be shown at the very start of each episode.

Stevens’ “insignia” U.N.C.L.E. music (as it’s known) led off the first 14 episodes of the show. Stevens also did the first new arrangement of Goldsmith’s theme, which first appeared with the 15th episode, The Deadly Decoy Affair. It would be used for almost all of the second half of the second season.

In all, Stevens did four original U.N.C.L.E. scores but his music was frequently re-used in first-season U.N.C.L.E. episodes without an original score. Often, these “stock scores” paired Goldsmith music (composed for three episodes) with that of Stevens. Their styles melded well.

In April of 1965, Stevens became the head of CBS’ West Coast music operation involved with the network’s in-house productions. As a result, he assigned other composers on CBS productions while taking on some jobs himself.

In that capacity, he scored the 1968 pilot for Hawaii Five-O. In that production, Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) locked horns with Chinese spy Wo Fat (Khigh Dheigh), giving the crime drama a spy twist from the start.

In the first season of the show, Stevens was only credited for an episode’s score (“Music by”) or, on some episodes for “music supervision.”

However, if another composer was credited for an episode, Stevens didn’t get a mention. That was consistent with CBS policy at the time, which denied theme credits for many series, including Gunsmoke, which ran on the the network for 20 years.

A Morton Stevens title card for a first-season episode of Hawaii Five-O

A Morton Stevens title card for a first-season episode of Hawaii Five-O

Early in the show’s second season, Stevens did get a “theme by” credit for episodes where he didn’t provide the score. (When Stevens did provide an original score, he still got a “music by” credit.).

Eventually, the theme had to be turned into a song. Appropriately, Sammy Davis Jr. performed it.

Still, despite how famous the theme became — decades later, it’s regularly performed by marching bands — fame eluded Stevens.

Stevens never moved in a major way into scoring movies unlike contemporaries of his such as John Williams (who, ironically, received the job of scoring the 1969 Steve McQueen film The Reivers from Stevens when CBS was releasing films, according to the Burlingame Thriller commentary track) and Lalo Schifrin.

Stevens died in 1991. His Five-O theme outlived him, however. When the 2010 version of the show debuted, its pilot originally had a “rock music” arrangement that made the rounds on social media before the new show’s debut.

It wasn’t received well. The new series quickly commissioned a more traditional sounding version, which debuted at the 2010 San Diego Comic Book Con. Some of the musicians who performed the theme had worked on the original 1968-80 series.

While Stevens gets a credit on the current series, unfortunately it’s during the end titles. Stevens’ credit flashes by so quickly, you can’t really see it. Regardless, his legacy continues.


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1. Adam Released from Prison

With Adam due to be released from prison, we can expect a big Adam/Kono reunion, but will it be a happy one? And if they do get some happiness, how long will it last? This couple have been put through a lot, their relationship constantly tested, so I’m sure we can expect things to go wrong once again. Their relationship has survived prison, the Yakuza and Gabriel Waincroft, what will the show throw at them next? Will their relationship survive the season?

2. Trouble from Michelle Shioma

After attempting to kill Gabriel Waincroft, and causing a bit of trouble for the 5-0 throughout the season, 5-0 had evidence of her criminal activity to put her away, but she disappeared before they could arrest her. Could we see her return next season? She is a powerful enemy with ties to the Yakuza, and last season she had a mole inside HPD. Will she return worse than before?

 3. Will Chin Adopt Sara?

Last season we saw Chin contemplating adopting his niece Sara, and after his heart to heart with Gabriel, will he? If he does, how will this impact his work? And, with Julie Benz who plays Abby confirmed to return next season, how will this affect Chin and Abby’s relationship?

4. The Return of Doris McGarrett

In the finale, Steve was taken to a CIA black site where Wo Fat’s father forgave him for his son’s death. This all seemed a little random and unnecessary, unless it was setting up a storyline for next season. Maybe Doris McGarret (Christine Lahti) will return as she was briefly mentioned in the episode.

 5. Will Catherine comeback?

Catherine broke up with Steve and left to go undercover for the CIA. Now that Steve knows the truth, will she comeback after her mission is complete? Before she left, Steve was planning to propose, on her return will they reconcile?

Leave comments on what you think could happen next season. Who would you like to return? Personally, I would love to see Joe White (Terry O’Quinn) come back. Hawaii 5-0 will return with Season 7 in the fall.


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Another in an occasional series about unsung figures of television.

Stephen Kandel, now 89, was the kind of television who could take on multiple genres and do it well.

Science fiction? He wrote the two Star Trek episodes featuring Harry Mudd (Roger C. Carmel), one of Captain Kirk’s more unusual adversaries.

Espionage? His list of credits included I Spy, The Wild Wild West, Mission: Impossible, It Takes a Thief and A Man Called Sloane.

Crime dramas? Hawaii Five-O and Mannix, among too many to list here. His work included a Cannon-Barnaby Jones crossover, The Deadly Conspiracy, a 1975 two-part story airing as an episode of each series.

Not to mention the occasional Western, drama, super hero series (Batman and Wonder Woman) and some shows that don’t easily fit categories (The Magician, MacGyver).

Writer Harlan Ellison in 1970 referred to Kandel as “one of the more lunatic scriveners in Clown Town.” In a column reprinted in The Other Glass Teat, Ellison wrote that Kandel was assigned to write an episode of a drama called The Young Lawyers that was to introduce a new WASP character.

According to Ellison, ABC opted to tone down socially conscious stories among other changes. Kandel wasn’t a fan of the changes. He initially named the new WASP character “Christian White.”

“It went through three drafts before anyone got hip to Steve’s sword in the spleen,” Ellison wrote.

Other in-joke humor by Kandel that did make it to television screens.

One was a 1973 episode of Mannix, Sing a Song of Murder. Kandel named a hit man Anthony Spinner. Kandel had earlier worked for Spinner on the QM series Dan August.

Presumably Spinner didn’t mind. Kandel ended up working for Spinner on Cannon.

Another bit was Kandel’s script for A Man Called Sloane episode titled The Seduction Squad. Robert Culp played a Blofeld-like criminal, except he carried around a small dog instead of a cat.

Kandel wrapped up his television career with MacGyver. Today, somewhere in the world, there may be an episode of some series written by Kandel being shown.


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Cover to the first season MIssion: Impossible DVD set

Cover to the first season MIssion: Impossible DVD set

Another in a series about unsung figures of television.

Joseph Gantman in the 1960s found himself on the ground floor of notable television shows.

His primary legacy was as the day-to-day producer for the first two seasons of Mission: Impossible.

Gantman came aboard after the pilot was produced. Series creator Bruce Geller supervised the show, but it was up to Gantman to get things going, including securing a steady stream of scripts that could be filmed. He would end up winning two Emmys for his efforts.

Those two seasons featured some of the show’s best stories, such as Operation: Rogosh (the IMF tricks an “unbreakable” Soviet Bloc operative into thinking it’s three years later so he’ll give up where he’s planted germ cultures that will poison the drinking water supply of Los Angeles).

Gantman was worn down by the time he left the series at the end of its second season. His successors, William Read Woodfield and Allan Balter, who wrote many of the best stories of the first two seasons, bolted after disagreements with Bruce Geller. That was an indication that Gantman’s work wouldn’t be easy to duplicate. M:I was tough on producers generally. Gantman’s tenure was almost a marathon by comparison.

Before Mission, Gantmen worked on the pilot of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. with the vague tile of “production assistant,” but his title card in the television version featured his credit in the end titles on the screen by itself. Presumably, that was an indication he was a key contributor of the pilot.

During the 1964-65 season, Gantman was associate producer for 16 of the 32 episodes of the first season of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, when that Irwin Allen-produced shows emphasized espionage over monsters.

Later, during the 1968-69 season, he was producer for five episodes of the first season of Hawaii Five-O, including three of the first five telecast by CBS (excluding the pilot, which aired as a TV movie). Five-O’s initial campaign was rough (it was the first series actually filmed in Hawaii) and it chewed up producers.

Gantman isn’t remembered much today. U.N.C.L.E. is remembered, behind the camera, for the efforts of Norman Felton and Sam Rolfe. Voyage is seen as what launched Irwin Allen’s 1960s shows. M:I is recalled for Bruce Geller’s concept. The original Five-O is remembered for creator-executive Leonard Freeman, who guided the show for six of its 12 seasons before his death in early 1974.

Yet, Gantman was a key lieutenant, at one time or another (just one episode in U.N.C.L.E.’s case) on all of them. That’s why TV shows have title cards.


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