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the new Hawaii Five-0 on CBS

“What are you doing here?”

Steve shrugged and glanced around the baggage claim area.  “I like hanging out at airports,” he responded with a straight face.

Danny smiled as he grabbed his bag off the carousel.  “Anybody ever tell you you have strange habits?”

“This coming from the man who thinks wearing a tie is normal.”

“Wearing a tie is normal.”

“Not here it’s not.”

Danny made a sweeping gesture with his free hand.  “Haven’t we had this conversation before?”

“It’s good to see you, too,” Steve said truthfully.  He extended his hand out.

His partner shook it readily.  “Anything interesting happen while I was gone?”

Steve shrugged again.  “The usual.”

“The usual,” Danny echoed, dubiously.

“Yeah, the usual.”

“There is no ‘usual’.”

“Yeah, there is.  Car chases. International plots of murder and intrigue.  Hostage situations,” Steve immediately supplied in a nonchalant manner.

“Don’t forget armed conflict,” Danny added, making note of a fresh bandage on Steve’s arm.

“Yeah, that sort of thing.”

“Remind me again why I came back,” he countered flippantly as they started their trek toward the car.

“Because you love it here.  And you’d miss me.”

“Grace, yes.  You?  No.”

Steve beamed.  It felt easy and natural to fall back into their regular banter.  “How was Jersey?” he finally asked.

It was Danny’s turn to shrug.  His gaze instantly fell.

His change in body language didn’t go unnoticed.  “Not what you thought it would be?”

The New Jersey native had spent most of the trip back trying to answer that very question.  He wasn’t about to admit it though.  There were still too many emotions to work through.  “Nah, it was fine,” he lied.

“That’s not your ‘fine’ face.”

He shot him a look.  “I don’t have a ‘fine’ face.”

“Yeah, you do.”

“No, I don’t.”

“You want me to drop it?”

“Yes, I want you to drop it.”

“Okay.  This is me dropping it.”

The rest of the short walk to the car was passed in silence.  When they arrived, Steve automatically popped the trunk.  Danny dropped his suitcase in without comment.  It was the lack of eye contact that bothered his partner.  By the time Steve settled in behind the wheel, Danny was buckled in but his gaze was distant and unfocused.

Steve didn’t bother to start the car.  Nor did he speak.  He just looked over at Danny expectantly, knowing the conversation had really yet to begin.

Danny reached up and took down the postcard secured to the visor.  The picture of Grace came next.  He stared at them both for a long moment.  Steve waited patiently out of respect.

“It wasn’t-“  He cut himself off, rubbing a hand down over his mouth.  When he started again, his voice was steadier.  “I expected it to be the same.”

When he didn’t continue, Steve prompted him.  “But it wasn’t.”

“I felt like a damn tourist in my own hometown,” he admitted, his voice touched with disgust.

Steve smirked.

“What?” he demanded.

“Welcome home, Danno.”

(500 words.  Repost.  Originally written as Trekkingalong.)

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“Your grandfather got wise to what was going on. So the next day, he showed up an hour earlier. Sure enough the galley fan was on. The lights too. Four juniors were sitting there, passing around a joint. They all popped to. The guy who got stuck with it tried to hide it behind his back,” Boatswain’s Mate Ed McKay recalled, chuckling.

Steve listened to the story with a smile on his face.

“He said if he ever caught them doing it again, he’d shove their sorry asses overboard. They all knew he was crazy enough to do it, too.”

(100 words.  Repost.  Originally written as Trekkingalong. )

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“Do you think you and Mom would have gotten back together if she hadn’t married Stan?”

Danny glanced sidelong at her as they walked.  “No,” he answered truthfully.

“Why not?”

His pace slowed.  A second later, he stopped and crouched down in front of her.

“Your mom and I… We fought a lot.  About lots of different things.”

Grace held his gaze.  “I remember.  You used to yell a lot.”

It was Danny who broke eye contact first.

“Mrs. Ichiyama says that you can always say you’re sorry.”

Danny met her gaze again.  “Some things take more than an apology.”

(100 words.  Repost.  Originally written as Trekkingalong.)

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Now long ago The CW announced what series they have renewed for a new series. Well CBS has finally decided what shows they are going to renew for next year. Programs like The big bang theory and NCIS had already been announced to come back so they are not on this list:

  • Blue Bloods
  • Elementary
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Madam Secretary
  • Mom
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • NCIS: New Orleans
  • Scorpion
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Survivor
  • The Amazing Race

Now I have only seen 2 of the shows that have been released them being mom and 2 broke girls and I am happy to see them return. They are not a shows I watch every week just now and then.

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Season 6 | Episodes 17 | “Waiwai” | Aired Mar 11, 2016

In the latest Hawaii Five-0, we get some closure for one storyline (McRollins), make some progress on another (Abby), and take down a Russian spy. All in a day’s work.

First, our case of the week. A doctor is scrubbing in for surgery, but rather than cutting into the patient, she uses the scalpel to slice into everyone in the room and kills the patient and two of the medical staff in the process. (Stuff like this doesn’t even happen on Grey’s Anatomy, so you know it’s crazy.)

At the crime scene, the team deduces that the patient was the target of a hit; the rest of the doctors and nurses were collateral damage. Before the killer left, she cut into a recent surgery incision on the patient’s abdomen. Something was implanted there—but what?

Kono tracks the patient to David Yang, a disgraced plastic surgeon who does backroom surgeries. Steve and Danny swing by his Chinese medicine shop to have a chat. Yang tries to claim doctor-patient privilege, but the patient’s dead, and he’s not a doctor. He admits he implanted a flash drive in the victim’s belly, but he doesn’t know what was on it. But he does know the name of the man who paid for the surgery—Chris Dalton, a cyber strategist (a.k.a. an anti-hacker).

Steve and Danny go to speak to Dalton, but his boss, Elliot Brenner, says he’s part of an internal investigation and is unable to speak to them. Steve is insistent. Unfortunately, when they get to the room where he was being held, Dalton has already escaped out of a broken window.

Brenner tells Steve that Dalton was being investigated because he used his security clearance to download classified NSA files about black-ops intel. Steve orders Brenner to update the NSA; all of their undercover agents are at risk.

Kono and Grover check out Dalton’s house, but he’s not there. They do find out who the killer from the hospital is, though: Anna Novick, Dalton’s girlfriend—and a Russian spy.

But if Anna has been killing to get the flash drive, they’re obviously not working together. And when Dalton contacts her to meet up after his escape, he’s putting himself in serious danger. This becomes clear when Dalton and Anna are surrounded by Five-0, and she pulls out a machine gun and starts shooting. Anna escapes the shootout, but Dalton is taken into custody.

Hawaii Five-0, "Waiwai"

During the interrogation, Dalton says he wanted to use the intel as leverage to force the NSA to do less surveillance on Americans, but obviously Anna had other plans. He’s upset she recovered the drive, but it’s heavily encrypted. The only key to unlock it is in his head.

But the interrogation goes sideways when gas starts pouring out of the vents and everyone in the entire building passes out. Anna strolls in with a gas mask and takes Dalton, but Steve is able to uncover Anna’s location from one of her goons, and the team bursts in before the file is decrypted.

Steve, for one, is super-glad the files are saved in time, because it turns out Catherine’s name was in one of them. That’s right: Catherine is working deep undercover in Ukraine. With the case wrapped, Danny checks in with Steve about the whole deal. Steve says that he’s angry Catherine that lied to him about where she was going, but he understands why she did. Danny suggests that maybe she just didn’t want Steve to worry about her. Not sure any of us really believe that, but Danny is a good friend for trying.

Hawaii Five-0, "Waiwai"

The final piece of our H50 puzzle this week is Abby. Steve hosts a team meeting to discuss Danny’s discovery that Five-0 is being investigated, and now they know by whom. The man investigating them is Robert Coughlin, a federal prosecutor, and the brother of Rex Coughlin. (The IA agent who tried desperately to arrest Chin and whom Gabe stabbed through the eyeball last season. That murder gave me nightmares. Thanks for showing it again, guys.)

The team isn’t sure if this is an official investigation or if Coughlin is on a personal vendetta, but regardless, their first step is figuring out who is working for him. (The answer, we know, of course, is Abby.)

Abby sets up an impromptu meeting with Robert to warn him that the team knows about him, and her days as a mole are numbered. She also throws in her two cents about the case. She hasn’t seen anything that warrants disbanding or arresting the team. But Coughlin argues that Abby is just letting things get personal because of her relationship with Chin. He is in charge, and Abby will stay undercover or lose her badge.

But apparently Abby comes up with a third option, because by episode’s end, she goes to see Chin. There’s something she needs to tell him …

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9/8C on CBS.

Bodacious – impressive or remarkable; excellent

I think that words sums up at least part of Julie Benz’ charm there is also her talent, drive and knack for picking interesting roles. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, Dexter and Defiance those are some real genre shows that have definitely given her a real following. At the moment she has an intriguing recurring role on Hawaii Five-O which manages to come across like the funnest TV show to work on.

So enough from me let’s take a look at her in these photos.


You can follow Julie Benz on Twitter @juliebenz

Or Instagram  @juliebenzmft

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Hawaii Five-0 Recap 3/11/16: Season 6 Episode 17 "Waiwai"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday March 11, season 6 episode 17 called, “Waiwai.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Five-0 hunts a Russian spy who stole a flash drive containing classified NSA information that puts one of their own at risk. Meanwhile, McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) learns why Catherine (Michelle Borth) left him.

On the last episode, Sang Min, Five-0’s sketchy longtime confidential informant, was accused of murder, so McGarrett asked his old friend Odell Martin to defend him. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Five-0 hunts a Russian spy who stole a flash drive containing classified NSA information that puts one of their own at risk. Meanwhile, McGarrett learns why Catherine left him; and Abby continues to conceal her actual mission from Chin and Five-0.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

The task force knew they were being investigated on tonight’s episode of “Hawaii 5-0”, but they didn’t know if the federal prosecutor that was in charge of the investigation was doing so because he believed he had a case or if it was just a vendetta?

Apparently the prosecutor’s name was Robert Coughlin and the late Rex Coughlin had been his brother. So that called Robert’s actions with 5-0 into question. For his brother had also made it his mission in life to take down Chin and his organization. And that had led to Rex cutting so many corners that eventually his own informant against them, killed him.

Only, Abby hadn’t known about Rex. She had merely been informed, when she accepted to be informant that would spy on the 5-0, that the task force has crossed too many lines in the past and that they could do so again at any moment. Thus Abby had believed herself to be in the right with her own secret investigation because her logic told her that the guys had nothing to worry about if they continued to tow the line.

But, once she learned about Rex and his history with the 5-0, she questioned if could be on the wrong side of things and needed some reassurances before she could continue. So she called Robert to meet her in some secluded area. And there she asked what her real mission was.

Meaning she didn’t want to accuse him of carrying out a witch hunt with her as the main prop. Though it was looking that way and so she needed to know the specifics behind the Robert’s investigation. And, when he refused to give anything that wasn’t remotely vague, she told him that if he couldn’t trust her with the answers then maybe he should pull her out.

However, Robert didn’t want to pull her away from her mission. It seems that he’s had people following her from day one and therefore he knew when things had gotten to be personal for her. And yet he still wanted to keep her around for some strange reason even if meant forcing her to take orders.

So Abby did have to continue to spy on her friends and while she hadn’t liked it – she paid close attention when they got their latest case. A young man that had allegedly walked into heavy traffic had been taken to the emergency room where both he and the medical team treating him were all executed by a young woman pretending to be his surgeon. Though truthfully she had knocked out the real surgeon and had gone into that operating room to steal a USB that the victim had implanted in his skin.

And so to find out what this woman stole, the task force first had to make Dr. Yang cooperate. Dr. Yang was a surgeon and it’s a common secret that he’s willing to operate on just about anyone for the right price. Thus their victim, Tommy Luana, must have gone to him.

Yet, Dr. Yang was a stickler. He didn’t want answer any questions until he knew that he wouldn’t be arrested and that word around town wouldn’t name as a narc. So it’s safe to say that Yang made sure he was covered from all angles. And once the 5-0 agreed to that, he gave them information.

Such as the USB he had implanted as well as the fact Tommy Luana had paid him in cash even though Yang doesn’t come cheap. But according to Yang, Tommy hadn’t come in alone and so they traced Tommy’s “friend” back to a nerdy government contractor who just happens to be dating a young woman that matched a certain assassin’s criteria. And therefore the guys knew that Chris Dalton was involved in everything.

Only Dalton had escaped by time they had showed up at his work. Apparently Dalton’s bosses had found out that he had stolen something from and they locked in a room to be questioned, but then 5-0 showed up. And that distracted Dalton’s bosses just long enough for him to go out a window.

Although, later his employers were finally able to reveal just what was on that flash drive. It turns out that Dalton’s company handled classified information for the NSA and so the team was no longer looking for just murderers. They were also hunting spies.

And the one person that didn’t know Dalton was turned into a spy by his lovely Russian girlfriend, had been Dalton himself.

When 5-0 were finally able to catch up to him, Dalton was interrogated and he told McGarrett that he loved his country which why he had stolen files from the NSA in the first place. He wanted to use those files as a way to stop the NSA from continuing to spy on their own people.

Yet his girlfriend Anna wasn’t the patriot that Dalton thought she was. For one, 5-0 had to tell him that she wasn’t from Seattle and that she was using him to get her hands on those files. All so that Russia can use them to find operatives all over the world.

But most of the operatives were taken to safety following Dalton’s maneuver and the only ones still at risk had been those hadn’t gotten in touch with their handler. Like McGarrett’s Catherine for instance. Who he found out was Kiev when the government chose to inform about her whereabouts.

So McGarrett threatened Dalton until he revealed that USB had been encrypted and that he was only the one that could get sort of information off of that USB. And unfortunately Anna knew that as well because she drugged the entire palace to get her hands on Dalton.

And she would have killed him not long after he gave her what she needed if McGarrett hadn’t used some unconventional methods to find her. Thus there was a reason Abby decided to tell Chin what she really doing in Hawaii and it could be because she had recently reported McGarrett for shooting man in police custody. Even though it had been for the CIA.


Olga Fonda, The Vampire Diaries, CW Network

Olga Fonda, The Vampire Diaries, CW Network

On the Hawaii Five-0 episode “Waiwai (Assets)”, when a Russian spy steals a flash drive containing classified NSA data, McGarrett's (Alex O’Loughlin) ex-girlfriend Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth) is put at risk. While trying to track down the spy and protect Catherine, McGarrett learns why she left him.

Russian spy Anna Novick is portrayed by Olga Fonda. The Russian-born actress first came to the United States as an exchange student when she was 14. She was signed by Ford Models and then started acting. She’s best known for her roles on Agent X (Olga Petrovka) and The Vampire Diaries (Nadia). Fonda (she took on the surname due to her admiration of actors Henry and Jane Fonda) landed her first big role on the big screen in the 2011 film Real Steel with Hugh Jackman. She's currently filming Nine Eleven with Whoopi Goldberg and Charlie Sheen. Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9pm on CBS.

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