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This double review has taken longer to complete then anticipated but here it is, hope you enjoy it.

On the 27th September Hawaii five-0 returned to our screens for the premier of season 4. The first episode was called ?Aloha Kekahi i kekahi? which translates to ?We need each other? and it was written by Peter Lenkov and Ken Solarz and directed by Bryan Spicer.

Season 4 opens up with how season 3 left us with Steve just outside of Wo Fat?s holding cell and someone trying to break in to kill Wo Fat. Wo Fat tells Steve that he has to protect him because then he will tell him why his mother came to visit him. The people trying to get into his cell break the door open and Steve grabs one of them and uses their gun to kill the others. One of the men is still alive so Steve drags him by his collar puts him in the interrogation room.

Next we see a glimpse of what Adam and Kono are doing, they are still shown on the ship going to their hideout and Chin is tracking him on the computer at the Five-0 headquarters. While Chin is at the computer, Steve and Danny are interrogating the guy that Steve grabbed. The guy is wounded with a bullet in his shoulder and we find out his identity, his name is Ricardo and is the nephew of El Condor and is a member of the National Liberation Movement, who is looking for payback against Wo Fat.

We are then shown the entrance of five-0 headquarters and there are a group of people with guns that start a hold up with all the employees. One of the group members is the actor Henry Ian Cusick, and for the Lost fans out there you would probably want to watch this episode because you see quite a lot of him. Two people of his group go upstairs to the main computer and copy something from it then they destroy the whole system. (You need to remember this scene because it is quite important at the end)

While the holdup is happening we are being shown three different scenes, outside the headquarters, inside it and we are also shown Catherine who gets told of the news and makes her way over there, however her car break down. So outside the headquarters the SWAT team shows up and there is a new captain in town and they welcome him to the island, during the holdup he gets sick of waiting so he strips down to his jocks and t-shirt to make them open the door so he can get a look at how many people are inside.

One of my favourite scenes is when Steve and Danny are inside and Steve is trying to patch up Ricardo and Danny walks in and Steve almost shoots him, and Steve asks if he looked at the Emergency exits? And Danny just stares at him and says ?No, I went to go get Donuts?.

The holdup group realise that the five-0 team are in the area and taking out some of their guys so they start say they will start shooting the hostages if they don?t come down now. So Danny, Steve and Chin come down with Ricardo, the leader then shoots and kills Ricardo and then they all surrender.

While the team are trying to make sense of the group surrendering so easily Steve gets a call from El Condor himself saying he has Catherine and will kill her if Steve doesn?t release his men. Steve makes the quick decision to grab Danny and catch up with the terrorists being brought to lock up and breaks them out and gives them Danny?s Camaro. El Condor then calls Steve with the location of Catherine. All the while Chin is following Danny?s car, however, they soon notice this and shoot up Chin?s car and get out of the car put a bomb in Danny?s beautiful Camaro and up in another black SUV driven by EL Condor. (RIP Danny?s Camaro, we all thought it was Steve that would have killed you)

The team regroup and try to think were the terrorists would go next and the sergeant tells them of a chopper that got stolen that morning. Steve realises that they will be going to the Aloha Stadium to attract less attention. They catch up with the SUV they manage to pop there tires, it then flips, there is a bit of gun fire then it stops. When they go to the SUV everyone is die, however, the driver (El Condor) is not in the car and Steve has already disappeared chasing after him. Steve managers to jump on the helicopter and has a bit of a struggle but kills everyone on the chopper and lands safely.

Then next scene we see Steve going to Wo Fat and asking him why his mother came to visit him, Wo Fat still doesn?t give him a straight answer so Steve grabs his head and smashes it on the bars and gets some of his blood that he wants to test if Wo Fat is his half-brother!! DUN DUN DUN.

Danny and Chin are working with the scraps of the main computer in the headquarter so see what the group copied before they destroyed it (see I told you, you needed to remember it), and they see the secret location of where Kono and Adam are hiding and the group sold the information to the Yakuza. Chin quickly calls up Kono to warn her but it?s too late and we see the Yakuza outside the window of her cabin.

My rating for the premier is a 9.5 out of ten!

The second episode of Hawaii Five-0 is called ?A?ale Ma?a Wau? which means ?Fish out of water?, this episode is written by John Dove and directed by Joe Dante. The opening scene continues with the previous episode, however, its shows us just before Chin called Adam and Kono. They are in a ?secret? location in Zhejiang Provice, China and they are relaxed and taking about fishing. After they receive the call from Chin they release they are not alone and Kono managers to grab one of the guy and uses him as shield and shoots the other guys. (Looks like Kono?s taking some of Steve moves.) We then jump to a scene in the airport that shows a cowboy looking guy that goes to a chaffier with the name Smith on it and follows him to the limo and knocks him out and puts him in the boot.

The next scene is showing a pee wee baseball game with Grace playing, with Steve and Danny as Grace?s coaches and Catherine as the other teams coach. During the game Grace gets struck out and is sad. Steve then gets a call to go to the beach because a body was found.

The body was the chaffier shown at the start with the cowboy, with two bullet wounds to his head and no ID on him. While Steve sees Max he gives him the test results whether or not Wo Fat is his brother. Danny sees this and confronts him in the car ride back to the headquarters, which reveals that Wo Fat is not related to Steve and Danny tells him to relax and not to worry to much about his mother.

Adam and Kono is now shown with some car troubles but Kono happens to know how to fix cars and they are okay again. Adam tells Kono that he wants her to go to the airport and go home because it is too dangerous but Kono refuses and tells him that she is here with him to the end and they come up with a new plan to hit them first and kill the Yakuza.

We are back at the headquarters with Chin?s new toy, the computer that was destroyed last episode. We find out the ID of the chaffier, and his name is Michael Maki and he has a rap sheet mostly involving drugs.

We see a return with Steve?s military buddy Billy Harrington and he comes in wanting to speak to Steve. He tells him that he is building a new Private Security Firm and has asked Catherine join him because she wants to leave her job current job. Billy wanted to come to Steve because Catherine and he have had a relationship in the past and wanted to clean air and tell him there is nothing between them anymore.

The cowboy gets spotted in the airport footage and they get an ID on him, Ray Harper who is a highly decorated Texas Ranger. Then next scene shows Ray tying someone else up asking where are the boy and girl, because the guy isn?t talking he grabs some peanut butter and says this will be useful.

Chin tells Steve and Danny that they have located the limo outside of someone?s house and the police are waiting outside. Danny has a brand new black Camaro and is really excited but when Steve sees it he grabs the keys and jumps in the driver?s seat once again. (Good Job Steve, we all saw that coming)

We then see Ray at pull up at the Sugar Cane fields with his tied up friend, starts to put peanut butter on him. He then starts saying about rats being in the sugar field and that they love peanut butter. This makes the guy talk and tells him where to find the boy in question.

Ray then goes to an apartment to find a young boy which he grabs and puts a gun to his face asking where the girl is? As this time Danny and Steve have tracked Ray here and makes Ray stop. They then grab both the boy and Ray to question.

The questioning of both Ray and the boy jump from scene to scene revealing what the real story is. The boy name is Carl Jacobson and he was with a girl named Amanda with is also the girl that Ray is trying to look for and his daughter. Carl came into Hawaii to move money for someone and he would get $2000 for it, however, he was set up and they were holding Amanda hostage until Carl came to him with their money. Ray didn?t actually kill Michael it was the people holding Amanda hostage and he also let the peanut butter guy go, which they need now to find out where Amanda is being held.

Steve, Danny and Ray find out the location and wire up Carl to give the money and swap it for Amanda, however, when he gives the money he realises that they are going to kill him and have already sold Amanda off. Daddy Harper gets angry and forces the men to tell him where his daughter is. They end up finding her in Pier 39 in one of the containers and it?s a beautiful reunion.

The episode ends with another pee wee baseball game with Grace actually hitting the ball on the 3rd try and gets a homerun, while Steve is telling Catherine to take the job with Billy because he trusts her and believes she really wants this job. So the episode ends on a happy note.

My rating for this weeks episode is 9 out of ten!

The next episode of Hawaii five-o comes out tomorrow, with Jorge Garcia Guest staring which is more excited news for Lost fans.

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 - Review of First 2 Episodes - 'Aloha ...
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Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 - Review of First 2 Episodes - 'Aloha ... Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 - Review of First 2 Episodes - 'Aloha ... Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 - Review of First 2 Episodes - 'Aloha ...

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