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Viewers will be allowed to vote for a number of plot elements

Ever wanted to write an episode of ?Hawaii Five-0?? Or at least contribute to the plot of an episode? Now?s your chance.

The CBS drama has launched a ?fan built? episode, in which viewers of the show can choose from a variety of key story and production elements to construct a Franken-sode of sorts.

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Beginning Friday and for the next three weeks, fans can vote online for which scene of the crime, victim, murder weapon, evidence suspect and takedown they?d like to see. (For example, the list of possible victims includes Chin Ho?s high school reunion, while potential victims include an astronaut ? think of it as Mad Libs meets television drama.)

The top vote-getters will be incorporated into an episode to be broadcast later this season. Once writers have begun to craft a script with the winning elements, fans will have an additional opportunity to provide input on elements such as props, cast wardrobe, music and the episode?s title.

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This isn?t the first time that ?Hawaii Five-0? has invited fan input. Last season, the series produced a ?choose your own ending? episode, where viewers were allowed to vote online in real time for their preferred resolution of the episode.

?Viewers loved helping figure out the ?whodunit? episode last season,? executive producer Peter Lenkov said. ?Now, we want to up the ante by having viewers? input on the production of a show.? From story to props, viewers will help call the shots. And yes, this is fun for me when I get to see just how creative our writers can be when the key elements are chosen.?

Author: Tim Kenneally

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