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The fall season of Hawaii Five O premiered last night and raked in over nine million viewers, the second highest amount of viewers for Fridays fall show openings according to zap2it.com. Now going into season four, the popular remake has always had a large amount of fans when it relaunched in 2010. We?ve seen McGarret in family transitions, hero-saving endeavours and humorous ?married? conversations with his partner Danno. Besides McGarret and Danno, theres cousins Kono and Chin who always work for the best interest of the team, and side characters Max and Kamekona who provide entertaining but crucial parts. The premire began with exactly where it ended last season, McGarret talking to a two-faced Wo Fat about why his mother, Doris McGarret has been spending so much time with Fat. After an attempt to keep Wo Fat alive and contained, McGarret takes a sample of his blood for testing to see if it was his brother. As a die-hard viewer of Hawaii Five O the last four years, I am so excited that Wo Fat?s character is finally making sense! I do believe that shows should have a background story that is apart from all the other crime and drama, but throughout the third season, I was beginning to wonder what was the use of dragging this character along. If this brother thing pans out, then maybe we can see that character retired, or at least mellowed down, and see something fresh and new for the Five-O team to battle. But who knows, when getting rid of a character like that could also turn some viewers off?

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