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Danny never imagined in a millions years a pair of handcuffs being placed on him by a fellow officer.  Kono couldn’t keep the tears from her eyes as she executed the warrant.  For a moment, they locked gazes.  It was Danny who looked away first.  There were no apologies or explanations.  It was her duty and he wasn’t about to make it any harder than it already was.  There would be a time and a place.  This wasn’t it.

“Detective Danny Williams, you’re under arrest for the murder of Lt. Cmdr. Steve McGarrett.”

His personal nightmare was only just beginning.

(Repost.  Prompt: Nightmare.  100 words.  Originally post in 2010 as trekkingalong.  This was going to become part of a much larger story but…  *insert excuse here.*  Never got there.)

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