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When “Hawaii Five-0” premiered back in 2010, expectations were not high for yet another TV remake — let alone a reboot of the CBS series that aired from 1968-1980 (279 episodes) with star Jack Lord.

And yet the drama, which stars Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan and Daniel Dae Kim, is now in its seventh season, and will air its 150th episode Friday (9 p.m.) on CBS.

“It feels good. We’re sort of like ‘The Little Engine That Could,’” says Peter Lenkov, the series’ showrunner and executive producer. “Everybody thought, ‘Here comes another reboot of a show.’ The original lasted 12 years on the air and everybody thought we wouldn’t last 12 episodes — and here we are 150 episodes in.”

For heavily-promoted “event” episodes like milestones, premieres and finales, Lenkov says the writers usually go with mythology plots that delve into their characters’ back stories. So the 150th “Hawaii Five-0” installment seemed like the perfect time for Steve McGarrett’s (O’Loughlin’s) ex, Catherine (Michelle Borth), and mother Doris (Christine Lahti), to return.

In the episode, it’s Catherine who informs the Five-0 team that Doris was captured and is about to be executed for attempting to free villain Wo Fat’s imprisoned father, setting them off on a mission to free her.

“We’ve been waiting to bring [Christine] back and do it where the story made sense and it was something special,” Lenkov says. “We liked putting McGarrett through the ringer, letting it hang out there that his mom disappeared. The more you could play that, the more satisfying it would be when she came back.”

As an added bonus, producers cast Lahti’s daughter, Emma Schlamme (her father, Lahti’s husband, is TV director Thomas Schlamme) to guest star as a young Doris, who appears in flashbacks throughout the hour.

“Somehow it was mentioned that she had a daughter who was an actress, and we just thought it was perfect,” Lenkov says. “I actually posted a picture of one of the flashbacks online and people thought ‘How did we find the exact lookalike?’ ”

Lenkov says the crew is already joking about what they can do if they make it to 200 episodes. As for what got them this far, he’s not sure — though he does credit good casting and the show’s Hawaiian filming locale as a major plus.

“Nobody’s going to tune in and not enjoy the landscape. It feels like a vacation every week,” he says. “It’s a very oddball family that we’ve put together and I think people relate to them. They’re fun people to spend an hour with once a week.”

“When I wrote the pilot for this show there was ‘Knight Rider’ and ‘Bionic Woman,’ there were reboots that had come and gone,” he adds. “For the most part, the numbers are against these things lasting. But I think people look at us as, ‘It can work if you do it the right way.’ ”

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