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In case you were wondering whether Hawaii Five-0 is going to revisit the serial killer storyline that dominated the first part of Season 7, it's going to - and in a big way.

TVGuide.com has learned that Claire Forlani will return as former criminal profiler Alicia Brown after the new year... And she'll be bringing some shocking new information about her character with her.

"She comes [back] in a very unexpected way in the episode," showrunner Peter Lenkov tells TVGuide.com. "There are some big turns for Claire's character also, big surprises."

Also resurfacing will be Dr. Madison Gray (Elisabeth Rohm), the murderer masquerading as a police psychiatrist, who slipped out of Alicia and McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) grasp after nearly killing them earlier this season.

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Forlani's episode is scheduled to air in mid-February, but Lenkov cautions that "it is not by any means a Valentine's Day episode." In fact, it sounds quite the opposite of romantic, with the body count rising as Alicia and McGarrett continue to track Dr. Grey.

"Everything [Brown's] done, she's looking at it like a game - and for her, that game isn't over," Lenkov says.

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