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“Mōhala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua” – The murder of two tourists leads Five-0 to a man suffering from multiple personality disorder, where one of them becomes violent and another is a child. McGarrett is accompanied on the case by a stress management consultant, whom Danny and the others have hired to help him manage his health.

CBS translated Mōhala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua to Unfolded by the Water are the Faces of the Flowers

I’m sure you expected a detailed review for last Friday’s episode. Yeah, me too. I didn’t expect to turn off the TV 10 minutes into the show. But that is what I did. I couldn’t bear to watch that crappy storyline.

I did finish the episode the next day though. Did it get any better? Nope, not really.

Tell me something, when has Steve ever shown any signs of stress? Stress he couldn’t handle? I can’t think of a single scene. Not one.

And again this was not about Steve. No, it was about the unbearable sidekick who’s not able to handle any situation that life throws at him. He can’t handle his family situation, he can’t handle his work, and he for sure can’t handle that his friend might or might not get sick down the road.

And we had to endure all this crap, and the very unfunny consultant lady just because of him.

He thinks Steve takes the situation too lightly? You have to be an idiot to think that Steve isn’t scared. And you also have to be an idiot not to know your friend, and how he handles himself and all situations he’s ever been in. Head on, not obsessing about it, but simply dealing with it.

You know, when the only sane people in the room are Steve, Junior, and, wait for it… The Bounty Hunter, I seriously have to think about if this show is still the right one for me.

One thing I am sure about is that this episode was one of the worst since the three drunken idiots from a few seasons back.

What a waste of time.

P.S. This is my opinion about the episode, and mine alone. Don’t get your panties in a twist if you loved the episode and think I’m an idiot. Fine by me. Simply do what I’m doing… move on.


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