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8.07 Kau ka ‘ōnohi ali’i i luna

Junior and Adam back up McGarrett when a bank heist in progress forces Steve to make a potentially heartbreaking mistake. Also, Adam is forced to face an empty home without Kono.

CBS translated Kau ka ‘ōnohi ali’i i luna to The Royal Eyes Rest Above

This season we were introduced to some new characters, including Steve’s new 4 legged roommate. We decided that Eddie should be in charge of the rating system this season. An exceptional show will have 5 barks, a great one will have 3 barks, a so-so one will earn one bark, an “eh-what-were-they-thinking” will get a whimper and a super turkey will elicit an Eddie growl. So… let the fun begin.

Finally an episode that meets my criteria for spending a few hours on writing a review. ???? Guess that is kind of a verdict up front? Oh well.

Let’s just dive right in. We start the episode with Junior on a run, and getting almost hit by a car. And, of course, since this is a TV show, the reckless driver and Junior know each other. It’s clear that there is a story about this two, and we will probably learn about it later on.

Next we see Tani going to a house where her no-good-brother is hanging out with some shady characters. Makes me wonder how she knew that her brother would be there, and how she learned about the raid by HPD. Is it normal procedure to inform Five-0 about such things?

Anyway, she warns her brother and the two drive off just before the police arrives. That also makes me wonder why none of the officers was interested in following the two fleeing people. But OK. ????

H50 - 807-004

After the credits we go to the airport where me meet Steve who is there to pick up Kono and Adam. Of course, we already know that it will only be Adam. I think they did a good job with the explanation why Adam is coming back, and is not staying with Kono.

I mean, think about it. Kono is most likely not staying in one place, so Adam can’t take any job. If he even would get a job in the first place. So, what is he supposed to do while his wife is out there saving the world? Yep, sarcasm here. I think her story is pretty ridiculous. Not that she’s still on the mainland, but how she left during the season 7 finale. Without telling anyone and without even informing her husband or cousin. But that’s really not important right now.

Some people will hate me for what I’m about to say. I am glad that Kono is out of the picture. Chin, too. I wish the actors all the best, but I think it’s a win for H50 that they left. Their stories were boring, uninspiring, and didn’t add much to the show. At least during the last couple of years. So, I said it. I am glad they are gone and that we have two new, fresh characters. Who will hopefully get good storylines.

Junior got a good start, in my eyes. Not so sure about Tani. I like them both though.

But back to Steve, who is always my main focus on the show and in these reviews. Shallow, I now, but I loved the blue shirt. The little light triangle on the side did it for me. LOL

So, he buys two leis in hope to give at least one to Kono. Yeah, Buddy, not gonna happen. After a short greeting they are off to find something to eat, while having a nice conversation in the car. I always said that I liked Adam back when he was the kinda baddie, taking care of his father’s business, kidnapping Joe White. Back then he had potential, and I really hoped he would make a great villain. Unfortunately, he met Kono and the snooze fest began. Kono and Adam were, for me, the most boring couple.

BUT, I like IAD, and I enjoyed Adam in this episode. Still think he would have been better as the villain, but with this version of Adam I can live very well. ????

H50 - 807-007

After the brief encounter with the very pregnant ex, Junior keeps running almost to the point of collapse; makes one wonder what he’s running from. Guess there a some demons we might also learn about later on. He spots four suspicious guys, and immediately calls Steve. Good boy. ???? Well trained. Oh, and let me mention that I love Junior’s “Yes, Sir”. Finally someone actually showing some respect.

And of course, Steve gets over there right away. With Adam in tow.

Let’s take a small break and go to HQ to watch a video of Tani getting her brother out of the to be raided house. I’m not sure what I think about Grover helping Tani to keep something from their boss. Or did he do it to give her the chance to come clean about it?

More importantly, where did he get the video footage from, and who else knows about it? Is this evidence of a crime? Did Tani actually commit a crime by picking up her brother? And do I even want to think about the time frame? When the heck did this go down? Just this morning, right? And now Grover has the video and all? Very iffy, if you ask me. Well, nobody does… so.

Back to the bank. Where I had a good laugh. Look out for all the people standing around watching the scene being filmed. Not very subtle. ????

H50 - 807-013

Steve takes a look at the car, the hotwired car, and looks inside the bank. It’s more than obvious that they have a robbery in progress.

H50 - 807-014

Adam points out the obvious, why did they leave the car behind, without someone guarding it? Not the normal behavior of bank robbers, I guess. So, after a short discussion, they call for back-up, and Steve prepares to enter the bank.

One question should be allowed. Why the heck didn’t they just pick the lock? Would have been a lot quieter. Of course, less spectacular.

So, Steve enters the back through the back door, and expects Junior and Adam to wait for back-up. Yeah right.

Loved Junior in this. He follows orders, but only direct orders, not suggestions like the plan is to wait. That’s not an order. ???? If you think about it, the scenes with Adam getting the gun and Junior picking Steve’s safe are a bit ridiculous, but I really liked them. It was fun watching. They made a great team.

I also loved the explosion, and the aftermath. Another great wake-up scene by Alex. He is so darn good at them. And now this episode drifts into the “don’t think about it, just enjoy the ride” territory. Why the hell didn’t the robbers came in from the outside sometime during the night? I mean, they drilled that big ass tunnel without anyone knowing about it. Don’t you think someone should have noticed the baddies drilling that kind of tunnel? Seemed a bit unbelievable that they would be able to pull it off without anyone hearing anything. But they obviously did. Makes me wonder why they didn’t finish it unnoticed.

Guess because we wouldn’t have gotten one of the most ridiculous car/foot/chases, whatever you wanna call it.

Steve is in pursuit in the underground tunnels, and Adam follows him, driving like a madman. I mean, seriously, what the heck was that about? Steve was on foot, underground. No need for Adam to drive across town. ???? And how was Jerry able to trace Steve’s cell? Isn’t it amazing how they never have cell phone reception as soon as they leave the city limits, but have perfect reception underground?

OK, let’s get to THE scene. Steve shooting the cop. “That’s not a cop, Steve.” That’s what I shouted at the screen. What would a lone cop doing down there? And why wouldn’t he call out? Besides, the shooting was justified. Steve might see that differently since he didn’t have a visual. And I can understand his point. But he got shot at. Do you only shoot back when you can clearly see your target? Should he have considered that there might have been innocent bystanders in that situation? I don’t think so. But whatever the case, the shooting gave us some great Steve scenes. Loved them.

H50 - 807-033

But before that, let’s take a look at the rescue drive back and the scene at the hospital. Seemed to me that the hospital wasn’t that into saving that guy. I mean, they declared him dead in the hallway. They didn’t even take him to a trauma room. That was really rushed, and felt totally wrong.

Now we can enjoy Alex and his great acting.

H50 - 807-039

H50 - 807-044

After the emo scenes, Five-0 goes to work at the smart table to figure out how the baddies could have known how much money was in the vault. It was clear pretty soon that it must have been an inside job.

H50 - 807-046

So, we get the usual blue room stuff and the talks at the table. Where they also figure out that cop wasn’t a cop. Yeah, told you so.

Question again, why did he take off his mask? That made no sense whatsoever. They must have known that there would be cameras. That was just bad writing. I mean, they could have figured out that the cop wasn’t a cop way more easy than with this stupid move. But whatever.

After that, one of the bad guys decided to march into HQ and kill the guy in the blue room. How did he manage to get in there? How did he figure out the combination? All these little things drive me nuts. Because if you do something in a story it has to make sense, it has to be possible. You can’t just let the guy walk into the blue room and kill someone just because you want to. You need to make it possible. And the writers just don’t. I’m one of those people always questioning the HOW of a scene. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it.

H50 - 807-050

Of course Steve and Lou are after the shooter, and wonder oh wonder Steve actually hit the moving target. A rare occasion on Five-0. ????

And really? All the baddies are in the car, with the money? Why would they do that? They are not very clever, aren’t they.

H50 - 807-052

Anyway, nice scene with the flipped car and the team standing around it.

H50 - 807-053

I hope Tani has learned her lesson. Confiding in Steve is the first step into the right direction. At least I hope she will tell him about her brother and what she did.

H50 - 807-057

Another nice scene with Steve and Adam. I must say, I was really surprised about how much I enjoyed Adam in this episode. I hope it will continue.

And we end the episode with Junior watching a video. I hope we will learn more about him in the coming episodes.

H50 - 807-058

So this was my first review for the new season. I now, still not the usual snark and sarcasm, but I am easing back in. Hopefully the next episodes will be equally as good as this one.

Thanks for reading.



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