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An unconscious woman is found drifting in a life raft in the middle of the sea. She’s identified as Monique Sims, a socialite and friend of Adam. When the Five-0 uses a surveillance satellite to look at the yacht she was on, Serenity, it appears that there might be dead bodies. So Steve, Danny, Tani and Junior descend from a helicopter onto the Serenity where, sure enough, there are 11 deceased. Given, though, that all of them are bleeding from every orifice, Steve quickly discerns that they’ve probably been killed by “an extremely virulent bio-agent”, and when a piece of dead girl is choppered back to the lab, it’s confirmed that the extremely virulent etc. is, indeed, all of these things: a genetically engineered virus which comes off as a kind of cross between Ebola and measles, and Steve and the gang have eight hours to live unless Grover, Jerry, and Adam can find an antidote somewhere.

Now, I’m reasonably sure that the history of TV goes something like this: 1926 – John Logie Baird invents television; 1927 – broadcast of first show in which someone is exposed to deadly virus, has hours to live, and needs antidote. Simply calling the plot “unoriginal” would be undue flattery. In fairness the writers give it their best shot to spice it up: the three onshore Five-0 staffers try to find out why Monique was on the raft and why she doesn’t seem to have been exposed to the virus, or maybe she’s immune? Meantime Steve and Danny are slowly dying, and bickering while they’re at it. When an antidote is found, the helicopter is pressed into service – this time in the middle of a storm – to drop a case of antidote onto the yacht. Needless to say the case ends up in the water; and needless to say the Big Kahuna might be close to death, but it would take more than a nightmarish Ebola/measles hybrid to prevent him from diving into the stormy waters to retrieve it. A reasonably good episode, and I should also say that Tani is showing signs that she might be quite an interesting character.

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