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We find Adam where we left him at the end of the last episode, more or less: chained up a shipping container in the middle of a forest, shouting for help. And now covered in ants. But who would abduct poor Adam, and why? Well, it’s Yakuza man Hideki who’s behind it, and it’s because he’s heard that Adam knows where around $20 million in cash money is buried. Adam protests that he doesn’t know, and Jessie is sent in to smack him about, which she does rather convincingly. So he agrees to take Hideki to the money.

Meantime, the Five-0 is investigating a case about the missing headmaster of an upmarket school. Tani and Junior go to the school undercover, as parents who want their child admitted, which means we’re in a Pretending To Be A Couple scenario. Unfortunately they’re not required to spend the night in the same bed, or even make out. I mean, I’m not that fussed about Tanior (?) but Unpopcult is ALWAYS all about the ship, so get on with it, guys. Anyway, the obvious perp confesses too readily, which is always a red flag.

Back in the forest, Adam has managed to persuade Hideki to let him start digging for “the money”. Except, instead, he finds a metal box containing a gun, which Michelle Shioma told him about. This gun ties a rich businessman to a homicide, and is great blackmail material, says Adam, worth even more than $20m. It saves Adam’s life, but the businessman then kills himself rather than be blackmailed. So Adam’s still on the hook. He brings Steve up-to-date, while skipping any reference to money or guns. Does Steve actually know about that stuff?

And finally, in Restaurant Watch: Big Pussy from The Sopranos is project managing. It goes wrong, of course, and he ends up in police custody having tried to bribe someone. On the bright side, he recognises the guy who shot Danny a few weeks ago. Which is a good way to end an entertaining episode.


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