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8.22 – Kōpī wale nō i ka i’a a ‘eu nō ka ilo

Five-0 must help Duke after he is forced to steal crucial evidence from the police locker in exchange for his kidnapped granddaughter. Also, Jerry goes undercover at a mental health facility in order to solve a murder, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Kōpī wale nō i ka i’a a ‘eu nō ka ilo to Though the Fish is Well Salted, the Maggots Crawl

Hi there, another double review, this time with Cokie doing most of the work. Thanks for stepping in.

I will be honest in saying (not totally complaining) that this was a very H50-Lite show with the characters I love being in secondary roles. But that being said, it was a good show and I did enjoy it. I love the character of Duke and Dennis Chun never fails to make Duke believable. Dennis is a very warm and humble person and I love reading his posts on Facebook. He did an incredible job on Friday night. But more about that in a moment…

Dennis Chun for sure is a very nice person, and he did a good job with this slightly bigger role.

First up, how would you like to walk by and find Steve climbing a tree? Nice moves there, Buddy! How cute was his scene with Spike? It looked like Alex was having fun doing that scene. Although it was way too short…

Short, but sweet.

Koa’s story is next up. I will quickly admit, that I haven’t been interested in Tani’s brother. The trouble- making, hanging out with criminals, lazy boy who was into drugs didn’t appeal to me at all. The question is… can we now trust Koa and his newly-found, drug free and working self? Is he telling the truth? Does he have some nice scam going on in the facility?

To tell the truth, I expected Koa to be one of the bad guys. I expected Tani to see him lying shot dead, maybe even by her. Guess my imagination went a little wild. But I don’t believe for a second any of his speech at the facility. Nope, not for a second.

Only time will tell. But honestly, I don’t need this storyline at all. Can it be finished?

You mean finished like the dreaded restaurant story line? Both so exciting. 😉

On to Jerry who was waiting patiently while Steve was climbing trees. I was surprised that Jerry didn’t irk me in this episode. He was doing a job that he could relate to and I think when Jerry was dealing with Harris, he realized that he could have gone down a very different road in his own life.

You wouldn’t believe my surprise at myself of enjoying this part of the show. I really enjoyed it. The role was perfect for Jerry. He fit the character, if that makes any sense. He did a great job. And I had no problem seeing him doing real police work. Odd, isn’t it. 🙂

In Jerry’s first scene, he did one thing wrong in his distribution of drugs… he took his eyes off of the meds in those little cups. Not a good thing to do…

Yeah, well, he’s not really an orderly, you know. 😉

Wow, how would you like to dig a fork into your forearm? Sounds like loads of fun to me. Yet, from watching that man, I don’t think he even felt it. How sad. I was amazed at all the people playing patients in the hospital. I noticed them the second time I watched and the people in the background did fantastic jobs showing their difficulties. Well, all except Kaziki. Just looking at him, you could see trouble.

Mental illness can be a real tragedy. The human brain can do amazing things, but it can also do horrible things to a person. Sometimes it’s just the brain’s chemistry that messes someone up, sometimes the disease goes way deeper and is very complicated to treat, if at all. Anyone could get mentally ill; be it due to physical trauma, illness, or psychological trauma. I think they did a very good job showing different forms of illness without going for laughs (unfortunately often done by tv shows). This time they went the subtle way, I really liked that.

I loved that Jerry felt he wasn’t doing his job and Steve was able to give him a pep talk. Steve (while always told he wasn’t a cop) gave Jerry great advice on how to go about working a scene. And Jerry listened.

This is really one of my irks about the show in general. Steve has not trained as a cop, but he is a trained investigator. He was with special investigations with the Navy. He has more training than a run of the mill cop. It always angered me when he was told he doesn’t know what he’s doing. As if he would have taken on a job without preparing himself for it. Or not being able to do it. That is just ridiculous. Ugh.

Jerry, no matter what anyone tells you, think like Steve.

Yes, we all should think more like Steve. His outlook to life is absolutely amazing. Oh, that was not what you were talking about. Oh well. 🙂

I liked the flashback scene with Jerry stepping up to the plate while Tani and Junior were whining and throwing each other under the bus, not wanting to do the assignment. Steve, if that happens again, look at one of them and say, “tag, you’re it.”

When Steve was talking to Jerry, I loved the comment about “good cops stay awake at night, losing sleep while going over a case.” I’m sure Steve has done that many a night.

Steve is perfect for the job he has chosen, because he’s the most emphatic guy on that darn show. He knows how people tick. And he can’t stand the thought of not being able to help or being able to solve the crime. And yes, I am sure he had many sleepless night because of that.

And when Jerry got back to the facility, he did as Steve said. He thought logically, found people he could talk to about the dead patient and he solved the case. I really liked Mila and the easy rapport she and Jerry had. You can see how much he has grown as a person in this episode, as he used to be so tongue-tied and scared of everyone and everything.

In the car scene, Jerry was very focused and knew he had to do something or he would be gone. As the team said, that was very “McGarrett of you”. And lo and behold, it worked out to his advantage. A bit more painful than he would have liked, I’m sure, but it got the job done. So, once again, think like McG!

And Jerry solved his first case!

And he did a great job with it. Really like it.

I loved when Mila came in with Harris and the look on their faces, especially Steve’s. They were enjoying that. I loved Steve’s smile and then Grover saying that maybe they should go.

And we get to my one big rant about the show. Can someone please tell me why, after 45 seconds of being in the same room with someone he really hadn’t met, why Danny felt the need to hug this girl? That was creepy and totally inappropriate and made my skin crawl. I just don’t get it. OK, rant over.

No, not over, let me step in. There is one thing of the show that really freaked me out. Why on earth did Danny hug that woman at the end in the hospital. A woman he never ever met before. A woman he has no connection to. That hug was just totally inappropriate. Or maybe that is just me, who doesn’t like to be touched by total strangers.

I thought about if I would have been OK with it had it been anyone but Danny? NO. First off, none of the others would have done it, and second, just no. There was just no reason for him, or anyone for that matter, to hug her like that. If he wanted to thank her for whatever reason… shake hands, and say thank you.

This scene was an absolute no go for me. Simply because he had no interaction with the woman before he met her in that room, two minutes prior.

I loved that we saw Jerry near the end of the show back in the hospital playing chess with Harris. I wonder if he was ever allowed to win. Because, as you know, “no one likes to lose all the time.”

So, is Steve still playing with the autistic guy from season six? OH, right, that was only on the deleted scenes. Darn. Never mind.

Poor Duke. I know he was under a time restraint with the kidnappers, but I wish he could have gone to the team before stealing the key. Maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so bad. Like I have already said, Duke/Dennis did a great job showing angst and fear with his granddaughter kidnapped. Although as others have already said, “another kidnapping?” Oahu apparently is filled with kidnappers. I’m glad McBear and Captain Lou were safe while we were there.

I’m sure no one would even attempt to kidnap either Lou or McBear. One look from them and any baddy would be running. 😉

Yeah, I think Duke should have called Steve. If he did, we only would have a very short story.

I love the faith the team had for Duke, knowing something bad had happened that had caused an honorable man to do what he had done. And after Steve talked to Duke’s daughter, he took total charge of the case and had HPD stand down. This was a man taking care of his Ohana and not backing down.

I love it when he’s taking charge of the situation. Just love it. He’s a born leader. And Alex is selling that perfectly.

I liked Duke’s daughter. She was scared but knew she had no choice but to do as Steve asked. And like he said, she was only doing what her father said she needed to do.

I liked how Steve easily put the pieces of the puzzle together after talking to Duke and how they were able to get the lawyer into the Blue Room. Lou (and Tani) did a good job in the Blue Room. I like the tactic of wrapping his fist in the man’s tie so that the scumbag’s chin was up close and personal to that big fist. 🙂

In the take down scene, poor Duke got shot again. One question I have is just how close his daughter was to that take down because she made it there before Tani brought out the little girl.

Am I the only one who wished it was Steve carrying the girl out of the building? No? I thought so.

Nope, not the only one.

In the hospital scene, it seems that one of the team is pretty sure Duke is going to get canned. He was so matter of fact about it. Like it should happen. Others wanted to rely on Duke’s excellent record and overall “goodness”. I sure hope they don’t make him retire. I would be mighty upset. Unless he took someone’s place on the team. I would be good with that.

Well, if they make him retire, he could work for Five-0. How about retiring from active duty with HPD and becoming an liaison for Five-0 and HPD? I could absolutely see that. His actions should have consequences. He’s not protected by immunity like Five-0 is. Even under duress… it doesn’t allow for an assault. There had been other ways. I’m NOT saying he should be fired, NO, not at all. But he can’t get away without any punishment. That would be wrong.

As I said it was wrong that Chin and Danny got away without punishment for murder. Or Kono for unprovoked assault on a civilian, and for countless times of police brutality. There should be some kind of punishment for wrongful behavior.

Even though we did get a glimpse of the dreaded restaurant, at least there was no argument involved with it. Please, please, please end the restaurant with the end of this season. I am begging you.

LOL, no argument? Couldn’t you hear Danny ranting about Steve painting it all wrong? I could. 😉 And YES, please end this crap.

Oh, and one more purely fan-girly note. I really loved that black button down shirt. Can we keep it?

Got my vote.

This was a really good episode. Something I did not expect. So, that was a very nice surprise.

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