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Two masked robbers steal some tanks of chlorine gas from a chemical plant. They pull off their masks and… it’s Adam and Jessie. It’s allegedly part of Adam’s undercover operation. At least if he’s pulling off heists Adam can play to his strengths, because running an undercover operation clearly isn’t: he then has to report to Steve that, of the twelve tanks stolen, two went missing before they could be unloaded at Hideki’s meth factory. Rather than scream “METH?! ARE YOU COMPLETELY EFFING OFF YOUR EFFING HEAD?” Steve accepts with equanimity the fact that one of his task force is supplying a poisonous gas to a Yakuza gangster for the purpose of manufacturing an illegal drug. The fact that two tanks are missing, on the other hand… that’s more troublesome. Someone’s getting gassed, which means that the Five-0 has to postpone its nuclear attack drill, presumably a response to the false alert earlier this year.

Lou and Tani grill one of Hideki’s footsoldiers, who tells them that the chlorine was stolen by four ordinary-looking dudes. Before the Five-0 can get to the house where they are, though, one of the four is accidentally chlorinated (?) and left to die by the others. He’s taken to hospital, where he’s put into a medically-induced coma. Adam demands that he be revived so that he can be interrogated about their plans for the chlorine. The doctor refuses, and Adam has the breathtaking effrontery to try and claim the moral high ground: if something bad happens, he snaps at the doctor, “you’ll be complicit”. Maybe not quite as complicit as the person who STOLE THE CHLORINE IN THE FIRST PLACE IN ORDER TO GIVE IT TO AN ORGANISED CRIME GANG, Adam?

So, yes, the chlorine thieves have a mass-casualty extravaganza in mind, although as they’re otherwise good people there is a motive of sorts beyond just creating mayhem: Michael Imperioli is back as attorney/barber/surfer Odell to provide an assist to the Five-0. Even after disaster has been averted, though, Adam isn’t quite done: he heads over to Jessie’s to shout at her for a while, accusing her of batting for the other side. In fairness, he may have a point, but give his astounding incompetence one could hardly blame her for preferring the Yakuza. It’s not a terrible episode, but it isn’t great.


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