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While driving, Adam is stopped by the HPD, and Hidecki’s corpse is found in the boot. Well, Adam, what do you have to say for yourself now? Oh, of course: it’s a set-up. The Five-0 believe him, once again, and set about investigating who the “real killer” might be. In particular, given that only someone who knows about his stupid undercover operation could have ratted him out, attention focusses on poor old Jessie. Agent McNeal, meantime, is back, and once again convinced that Adam has been up to no good. Eventually Adam is released, but not before the revelation that he has a half-sister, who was possibly Hidecki’s killer. Runs in the family, you see.

The best plot of the week, though, belongs to Danny, who is visited on Oahu by a woman named Brooke, who turns out to be the former wife of Ray, the man who shot Danny while he was in quarantine. In flashback, we find out that Ray was abusive towards Brooke while Danny was a cop in New Jersey, and Danny rescued her. And a whole lot more besides, which is why Ray bore such a grudge. It’s both gritty and tender, with a nice what-if? hanging in the air at the end.

And Junior and Tani are required to do one shift as beat cops. Nothing very much happens, but they learn a lot, you know? Actually, all in all this was an excellent episode. The Big Kahuna directed.


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