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“Ka lālā kaukonakona haki ‘ole I ka pā a ka makani Kona.” – McGarrett joins Junior and his SEAL Team on a high risk covert mission to capture an elusive target who is holding his mentor, Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), hostage. Also, Gerard Hirsch (Willie Garson) and Kamekona help Grover and Tani on a murder case involving masterpieces stolen by the Nazis during WWII and Tani makes a shocking discovery, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

(“Ka lālā kaukonakona haki ‘ole I ka pā a ka makani Kona.” is Hawaiian for “The Tough Branch that Does Not Break in the Kona Gale.”)

Series Star Alex O’Loughlin Has the ‘Story By’ Credit for the Episode

Sorry for the delay of the review for this fabulous episode. But I have three sick cats at home and simply didn’t have any spare time to post this thing.

I won’t even add that much to what Cokie has written, because, honestly, her review is pretty much perfect and says it all. 😉

So, let’s see what she has to say.

I honestly don’t know where to begin. I guess the best beginning is with a big Mahalo to Alex O’Loughlin who pitched the story. When I think of 5-0, I want a story line that holds my interest, one that doesn’t make a mockery of the characters, one that shows the characters’ strengths and has them act like adults.

This show fulfilled all of those ticks. And more. So, thank you, Alex!

Yes, a big thank you to the man. Finally another SEAL story, and one that focused on Steve. We rarely had that this season.

I love in the opening that they showed Steve (and Freddie) making sugar cookies on the beach with Joe as their instructor. That was in 2000, but we know from past episodes that Joe and Steve have had a relationship long before that. Even with all the more recent problems with their relationship, there was no hesitation on his part to go help Joe.

Steve has known Uncle Joe since he’s been a kid. I loved his line that Joe had been the father when his father couldn’t be. That showed how deep their relationship goes, no matter what happened with his mother and Joe’s involvement in all that.

So, back up… I’m getting ahead of myself.

Love the entire opening scene. One of the best. Ever. Steve in the back yard grilling steaks. Steve and Eddie is always a win-win. I liked Noelani admitting she used Eddie as a wingman and loved Steve knowing she had an ulterior motive for wanting Eddie. That was just a cute little scene.


I have to confess, I couldn’t even get past the first five minutes. How absolutely fantastic were those scenes. I loved it, and think they were one of the best, if not the best opening.

Then we get to Junior and Steve. Wow. You could see Steve’s sadness in the fact that Junior was leaving. I felt so sorry for him when he said he had never had his own place and then that sad smile when he said “that’s good” to Junior. Loved the fact that Junior picked up right away on the cue and backed off a bit on the new apartment. That is a friend. All through the show, we saw how much Junior respects Steve.

That’s what I’ve been saying since the beginning. Finally someone who does respect Steve, as a person and as an officer. And someone who actually shows it.

Another instance of the respect Junior has for Steve is in the phone call which was totally against all regulations. But he knew that Steve would need to know, even knowing he could be discharged. But like he said, he was hoping he had a pretty cool job to fall back onto. When Steve wove a tale explaining how he knew about the Op, Junior stepped up and admitted what he had done.

That was a great scene too. Junior was not going to let Steve take the blame. Well done, Junior.

Steve knew what buttons to push for Commander Park and it got him a place on Junior’s SEAL team. Because there was no option that he wasn’t going to be there.


Nigerian Coast


Yowza!!! I really can’t think of how I want to describe my thoughts when I saw that.

No words. No words.

When they were walking through Nigeria, I loved Steve and Junior’s comments to each other. Steve thanking Junior for the call and explaining how Joe was part of his non-related family. Junior understood that… I think he feels Steve is the same for him. And he knows that 5-0 is also his family that isn’t blood. I also liked that Steve wants to help Junior look for a pet-friendly apartment so that Eddie can visit. That was another good scene.

Then we get our first flashback. What a great scene this was and gave us a glimpse of Steve and Joe in 2002. So, apparently, Steve was shot while still in the air, hit a tree and broke his leg when he fell. At least that’s what I understood. Comms were useless and there was no backup. I loved Steve’s comment when Joe wouldn’t leave him. “There’s something wrong with you, Joe White.”

Later in the show Steve’s leg was splinted. 🙂

Out of the four SEALs on the ground, I know someone else was in charge of the Op, but Steve was the one who made the decision to stop the firefight and he’s the one who initiated it. I LOVED the scene where he had his arms up, holding the rifle with his handgun behind the rifle. What a great scene.

YES! That was an awesome scene. It seemed that one of the other guys was in charge, but Steve was still the highest ranking officer. So, technically he was their boss after all.

And then we watch Steve get shot at the same time he shoots the pirate. When he gets up I love the ragged breathing. That had to hurt.

He was equally great back in season 7 when he got shot and played dead. Oh, that was so great. One of the best season 7 episodes.

What did the guy say? I know the SEAL called him a crazy Frogman. 🙂

SEAL: You kidding me? You wore your plates for this one?

STEVE: Yeah, I know myself. I make bad decisions sometimes.

SEAL: You are one crazy frogman.

In the second flashback, we see Joe using Catherine as a means to keep Steve focused while he cleans his shoulder. Love that he asked, “What’s the deal there?” Even back in 2002, Joe knew of the attraction between the two of them even though they hadn’t gone out on an “official” date. Everyone sees the magnetism the two of them had and still have.

Well, not everyone, but most everyone. 🙂

LOL, yeah, everyone with half a brain and a heart.


I love that even with a broken leg, Steve told Joe “I can still run faster than you.”

So, Joe “hid” Steve and covered him with rocks. Why did they have to cut the scene where Steve pulled the handgun? Was it on Joe, the guys chasing him, or was he delirious? Inquiring minds want to know. Well… I want to know; others may not care.

I do care, and I want to know. 🙂

Back to present, Junior asked about the special forces men who were killed. Steve assured him they would “bring them home”. And I have no doubt whatsoever that they did just that.

Once they realized the Reaper Op was going south, Steve was NOT leaving there without Joe. I loved Junior telling him they “were not cops today. We are SEALs. You’re not my boss, so I’m coming ‘wich’chu’.” And so he did.

They said Joe had been ‘taken’ last year, so that was at least five months ago. I guess he and Steve don’t keep in touch that often because he had no idea Joe was missing. Thought that was sort of odd.

I wondered about that when Junior told him about Joe.

They got Joe and had to hide. Of course, Steve was the last man out in the open, only going into the bunker once the others were safe.

And the final flashback… “Joe, there’s 20 of them and 2 of us. We’re gonna be dead in a couple of minutes.” Loved that line. Steve was about at the end of the rope at that time. But Joe wasn’t ready to let him off the hook. He wanted some promises from his younger friend.


We learn that it was Joe’s prodding to finally get Steve to ask out Catherine. Thank you, Joe White!

And he asked Steve to visit his Dad. Another great idea.

Back in the bunker, I loved when Steve thanked Junior for showing up on his doorstep. This duo has been good for both of them. Love Joe’s “hug it out, guys” comment and his “in moments like this, I like to say ‘try not to miss’.” Cute.

“Thank you for that pearl of wisdom, Joe. Follow me.”

And they all go through to the door into a blaze of glory.

But in the hospital (in Germany, right leiCa??? 🙂 ) we learned that Steve did indeed ask Catherine out his first day back. And he got to spend time with his Dad. “More than saving my life, thank you for that,” was a wonderful quote.

Once back home, Steve, Junior and Eddie finally got their steaks.

So, once again, thank you Alex O’Loughlin for this wonderful story.

Oh, and there were a couple of other storylines, too. Tani found a gun in Adam’s kitchen drawer. Yeah, that’s where I keep mine, too…

Hirsch and Kamekona also solved a case. Honestly, it didn’t annoy me. I was fine with all of it. Grover and Tani were good in it and I liked her sarcasm in this one. It wasn’t over the top and was fairly funny.

Honestly, I liked that part of the show too. It was witty, funny, and didn’t annoy me at all. There simply wasn’t an annoying minute in this episode. Wonder why.

I give it best of the season.

Absolutely agree. Full Eddie barks and a tail wig for good measure.

And again, a big shout out to leiCa for her fabulous screenshots. Thanks for joining us and sharing such wonderful pics and witty captions for all of us to enjoy.

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