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An elderly hitman, Leroy Davis (nicely played by The Wire’s Frankie Faison), decides that it’s time for him to confess his sins to Steve, chosen because back in the day John McGarrett led the investigation into Leroy, but was never able to pin anything on him. Hawaii Five-0 normally handles its flashback stories pretty well, and this is no exception: it’s downbeat but touching. Curiously, at the end the families of the (eighteen) victims line up to offer thanks to Steve, who seems to accept it as his due, even though all he did was follow Leroy around.

It’s particularly out-of-place this week, because one of Steve’s worst decisions – putting Adam in charge of an undercover operation – is now unravelling, largely because Adam’s a colossal effing idiot. He’s abducted by McNeal and taken to meet his half-sister, who we now understand to be Ms Big. Which means that it’s her turn to demand the $20 million Adam knows nothing about, this time threatening Kono and Chin if he doesn’t pay up, and shooting McNeal in the head as a sort of demonstration of her bona fides as a ruthless yet capricious killer.

So Adam runs to Jessie, and tells her that with people he cares about under threat he’d better get the money. She’s dumbstruck: you… know where the money is? The money you denied knowing anything about? The money I tried to beat out of you? Oh yeah Adam knows where the money is: he’s deposited it with a Yakuza banker. Adam and Jessie withdraw $20 million in cash money at a moment’s notice – the Yakuza Bank clearly keeps a lot of cash on hand – and put it in his car. Obviously Adam turns his back for a minute, giving Jessie the opportunity to drive off with his car and his money. He ropes Tani in to help trace Jessie, but when the find the car the money’s gone and Jessie’s dead. Oh, Adam. Remember when you promised to protect her? Me too.


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