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In a black ops site in Kenya, a suspect is, uh, enhanced-interrogation-techniqued to death, then found to be in possession of a Hawaiian trinket. This immediately pings on the radar of one of the American operatives there, Lt. Catherine Rollins, who takes it as an excuse to return to Oahu and enlist the help of the Big Kahuna. What ensues is a slightly muddled tale of terrorists, uninhabited islands, depleted uranium, dirty bombs, and so on, in which Jerry plays the role of Indiana Jones. I didn’t get the feeling that any of the characters really cared about the outcome. I didn’t much either. And Junior avoids his father’s birthday, and his Secret Pain, by falling down a ravine in one of the many parts of Hawaii with no cellphone coverage.

Adam, meantime, has decided that it’s time to leave the Five-0 and head back to the mainland. Might it have been better, Adam, to take that view before getting a civilian killed and losing $20 million? We could yet get to ask that question, because Adam makes a return visit to the Yakuza Bank, which is clearly a full-service financial institution, requesting an alibi. And why might convicted killer Adam need an alibi? Well, at the end of the episode the body of Noriko, his psychotic half-sister, washes up on a beach. Cui bono, eh? Unusually, Steve actually suspects Adam, although not as much as I do.


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