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The previouslies – including a flashback to the unforgettable moment when Steve and Danny were presented with the George Cross by Brenda suggest that Harry Langford (Chris Vance), one of the show’s more engaging recurring guest characters, is going to make an appearance. And indeed he does: he’s providing security for minor Royals Lady Helen Mortimer (Danny: “How many people have to die before you become the Queen?”) and her headstrong teenage daughter Lady Sophie.

Sophie goes missing during a shopping trip, at first voluntarily – she’s met a boy, and she leaves Harry a lipstick-scrawled “Don’t wait up for me” on a tissue – then not so much. It’s good fun, with nicely-balanced humour and action, and the usual English caricatures: a spoiled socialite here, a ratlike paparazzo there. And a little poignancy as well; it seemed to me that Harry was unusually invested throughout in the safety of the daughter of one of his employers, but I wondered whether I was imagining it. I wasn’t.

Meantime, an old Betamax videotape is delivered to Five-0 HQ. When Tani and Junior watch it, it looks as if a voyeur, hiding in an attic, was intending to record a sex scene in a motel room, but it then unexpectedly became a murder. Tracing motel, peeping Tom, victim and perp 25 years after the fact looks impossible to the youngsters; Lou tells them, with more than a hint of glee, that it’ll take some old-fashioned hard detective work to solve the crime, and he mentors them through it. It’s an unexpected delight of an episode.

Adam, incidentally, has skipped town.


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