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Hello – hello my little faces and have a lovely Sunday. One more month that it last week is half on May and half on June… The hiatus from Hell ( ’cause it’s Summer Time ) it’s here and I’ll do my catch up on the shows that I’m behind. Not sure what I will write, probably some episode will be really shocking… If not, my job will be very easy… Anyway. Let’s see what I watched this week.

Lucifer ( 3×25 & 3×26 )
Ok, they gave us two extra episodes… but why? I mean, they were both great but completely out of the main story. We had left Chloe the moment that she found out that Lucifer was actually the Devil and those two episodes were as like this never happened… I’m confused.

I also watched: Hawaii five-0 ( 11 episodes ), Fear the walking dead ( 4×05 & 4×06 ), Supergirl ( 3×20 ).

Tell me what episodes you watched this week. Which episode liked the most and which not? Did you start watching something new this week? Comment below or on my facebook page. Until next time…

xx Marilita.


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