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At the soft opening of Steve and Danny’s restaurant, The Money Pit, Steve meets Milton Cooper, retired HPD detective and buddy of his grandfather, who was killed during the Pearl Harbor attack. Milton hands over a briefcase which belonged to Steve’s grandfather, and which contains papers relating to an unsolved crime – the disappearance of plantation girl Lila Kekoa, in 1932 – which not even the legendary detective Chang Apana could solve.

Steve reads over the material, then dozes off and finds himself back in the Oahu of December 5, 1941 as his grandfather, with Danny as Milton, and the two of them set about solving the crime. As ever with these episodes, the main cast members all get their moment with the clothes and technology of the time; I particularly liked Jerry using a magic lantern as a stand-in for the iTable. Adam, needless to say, is a villain. It’s not the fastest-moving H50 episode ever, it has to be said, but its main purpose is to transfer the cast back to the hats and gats of the Jazz Age, just before Pearl Harbor changed everything forever, and that it does with a certain amount of charm. Some of the characters even smoke, which isn’t the sort of thing you really see on US network dramas these days, and the big-band rearrangement of the famous Five-0 theme is something of a banger.

There’s an odd little coda, though, when the Steve and Danny restaurant plot, which has run for nearly two seasons, is wrapped up in about a minute. Neither of them really wants to be a restaurateur, you see, so they sell out to Kamekona. Huh.


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