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Hello – hello my little faces and have a lovely Sunday. I hope that you had an awesome week, that you are all well and happy and that you watched a lot of episodes… Let’s see what I watched this week.


Arrow ( 7×13 )
So much stuff happened on this episode. First of all, let’s talk about the elephant in the room… We finally found out Blackstar’s name and of course is Mia Smoak ( don’t know why not Queen, but I bet will do find out on the next episodes ). The Star City Slayer ( as the episode’s name was ) wasn’t other than Oliver’s friend in prison who apparently is a psycho and truly believed that every person in Oliver’s life, except than Felicity and William, deserved to die… ( go figure… #cracy ). He cut Dinah’s throat and this is the point that I think that she lost her scream ( my poor Canary ). Curtis left the town to go in DC and William after Stanley Dover tried to make them “listen” to him, decided to go live with his grandparents for a while in Central City ( please come back, my favorite kid ) the same time that the doctor called Felicity with some news. ( No lies, I screamed at the “I’m what?” ) In other news, future Felicity is alive ( duhhh ) and the future Team Arrow, aka Mia – Connor – Zoe – William, are adorable and beautiful and we have to protect them by any costs. ( Note to someone that doesn’t remember… Connor is actually JJ, Diggle and Lyla’s son. )

I also watched: MacGyver ( 3×05 – 3×09 ), The walking dead ( 9×09 ), Legacies ( 1×10 ), Downton Abbey ( 6×03 & 6×04 ), Hawaii five-0 ( 9×15 ), Chicago FIRE ( 7×14 ), Chicago PD ( 6×14 ), The Flash ( 5×14 ).

It was a busy week so I didn’t watch as many episodes as I use to… but it’s ok.!

Let me know what you watched this week and don’t forget to tell me what you think about the post in the comments below or on my facebook page. Also, if you like my posts just follow my blog through WordPress or your e-mail account ( you’ll find the following buttons on your right in this post ). Until next time…

xx Marilita.


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