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OK, guys, let’s have a discussion about how accurate a TV show has to be. Let’s not just talk about Five-0, I only use it as a stand-in. Talk about any show you like.

What started this discussion was the wrong naming of two buildings frequently used on the show. Five-0 Headquarters is not located at the Palace, as they have more than once said. But on the other hand no police force, special or not, is located in the building they use as HQ. And even worse 😉 there is no such thing as a Governor’s Task Force. So, does have the show an obligation to use the right names for their fictional HQ? And if they don’t do that, does it bother you?

Well, there are many things that bother me on various shows. But the name for a building is not one of them. Yes, these are historical sites, but isn’t this a ‘problem’ in general? They rename buildings all the time. They sell us police headquarters which are located in any kind of buildings. Museums, or whatever fits the look of ‘their’ building.

Five-0 renamed Queens Medical into King’s Medical. But nobody complained about that. Or that they use a wrong aerial view of the hospital. But that is exactly what I tried to say above, that is creative license because it fits their view of things. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

Where I draw the line is law of physics, law of nature, or actual events. Like the attack on Pearl Harbor. Or landmarks like Diamond Head. All things most people know by heart. But honestly, who knows how the Palace looks like if you haven’t been to Hawaii, or saw a good documentary about it? Who knows if there is a parking garage under it? OK, that one made me laugh out loud.

You for sure can’t get your education from a TV show.

And what really bothers me, are medical facts. You just can’t change those. But they frequently do so anyway. 😉

So, what is it that drives YOU up the wall?

And please remember, every opinion is welcomed here. There is no right or wrong. So, feel free to share your view of things.

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