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Hello – hello my little faces and have a lovely Sunday. I hope that you had an awesome week, that you are all well and happy and that you watched a lot of episodes… Let’s see what I watched this week.


Shadowhunters ( 3×13 )
Our favorite ( not ) vampire girl, Heidi, is back and Jordan with the other Praetor Lupus hunting her down. She went to Rafael’s old clan, on the Hotel Dumort but they didn’t accept to help her something that made her even madder. She compeled a Mundane to tell Jordan that the other vampires help Heidi in order to start a war between vampires and werewolves ( and she made it ) On the other hand, my poor girl Izzy after she gave her blood to save Simon has a bad time with her addiction but Alec is there to help her. Today, they go to meet a Shadowhunter who wants to tell them about a secret project who tortures Downwolders but someone killed him before he could tell them more. Maryse knows about this though that asks her children to stay away from the Clave, afraid for their lives. Luke and Maryse spent some time together when he asks her to help him open a Warlock’s safe and they end up kissing each other ( THANK THE ANGEL ). Jace and Clary trying to remove her mark without any luck and Maia broke up with Simon in order to be her pack’s Alfa ( yes Queen ). Jordan went to say his goodbyes to Maia but the vampires attacked them and he got hurt when he shielded Maia with his body ( he did something good for once ) and they hid up on the storage. Jace and Clary slept together for the first time but this beautiful and sweet scene end it with Jonathan send an “I miss you” message to his sister cutting their hands. ( Jonathan you’re a creep, you know that… right? )

Arrow ( 7×15 )
One more awesome episode!! Last week they announced that the 8th season ( the next one ) will be the last one and it will have only 10 episodes but I am not ready! The 7th season is so cool until now and every episode is better than the next one. On this one, we saw how Mia and William, in the future, managed to hear the microcassette that Felicity left them, telling them how much she and Oliver loved them both. We also saw how Team Arrow started working with the police officers and Dinah figured out that she lost her “cry”. Felicity made the Bunker operated again and with Oliver told about their baby to Diggle. Ben Turner ( Bronze Tiger ) told Laurel that the person who killed Ricardo Diaz ( ’cause the bastard is dead! ) was the “New Green Arrow” and we met his, adorable, son. Connor.! ( Yeap this cutie pie is the future Connor, who we learned that he is the adopted son of Lyla and John’s. )

I also watched: Legacies ( 1×11 – 1×13 ), The walking dead ( 9×13 ), Hawaii five-0 ( 9×18 & 9×19 ), The Flash ( 5×15 & 5×16 ), Downton Abbey ( 6×05 – 6×09 ), Macgyver ( 3×17 ), The passage ( 1×01 – 1×03 ).

Let me know what you watched this week and don’t forget to tell me what you think about the post in the comments below or on my facebook page. Also, if you like my posts just follow my blog through WordPress or your e-mail account ( you’ll find the following buttons on your right in this post ). Until next time…

xx Marilita.


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