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Danny’s ex-wife Rachel turns up at his door in the middle of the night: their daughter Grace was out, and hasn’t come home on time. Being Five-0 has its privileges, of course, and Danny traces her mobile phone to a road in the middle of nowhere. He and Rachel turn up just in time to see Grace being driven off in an ambulance and, when they follow her to the hospital they find out that Grace was driving a car that crashed off the road at high speed, that she’s critically ill with a fractured skull which requires surgery, and that she had a passenger in the car who has also been hospitalised as a result of the crash, something about which her father has very strong views. Oof.

Everyone knows that Grace couldn’t be responsible for this – I mean, she was driving the car, there’s no doubt about that, but not responsible responsible – and Steve and Lou investigate, while Danny alternates between pacing the floor and bickering, then bonding, with Rachel. (The episode was scripted by the H50 writers’ room MVP Zoe Robyn, who does relationship dialogue better than anyone else on the show.) Needless to say Grace comes out of it all with her reputation, if anything, enhanced. And with a repaired skull, which is nice. And, perhaps, with a mom and dad who might be starting to reconcile…?

Meantime, Tani’s idiot brother Koa calls her in, because one of his recovering addict friends, Alana, has gone off the grid. Alana is found dead with a needle in her arm. Not so, says Koa; she was into oxy, not heroin. Sure enough, someone murdered Alana, and Tani and Koa work together to solve the crime, with an assist from Adam. Everyone seems very pleased with Koa, to the point where I started to wonder whether he might be the next chequered-history recruit to the squad. Superior H50 entertainment all round.


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