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So as of late I have been working on trying to find the correct medium for the propaganda spilled by mass media in relation to the police and their actions within the public sphere.

COPS Cover

Cover of my new zine ‘COPS’

Im my infinite silliness I decided to create a zine series i have obviously titled ‘COPS’. These will be tiny little photocopied publications folded and hand stitched to be sold in my many online places as well as zine fairs all over Australia and the world (when I can get to them). The zine since its creation has been a cheap productive way to spread propaganda and views of individuals and groups for a very long time. I actually really enjoy making them as I am able to take a stand and viewpoint and make it as serious or ridiculously imaginative as I like.

Spread from my new zine 'COPS VOL1 The Five 0 Edition'

Spread from my new zine ‘COPS VOL1 The Five 0 Edition’

This silly little thing is made from screen grabs from the amazing 70’s TV show ‘Hawaii Five 0’ which are accompanied by tweets from the ‘Scan BC’ twitter feed. The two together create a series of outrageous, believable, and unbelievable scenarios for us to try and decipher. The play of these real police reports make the blurred pixelated images of 70’s manhood seem even more less likely to be real.

For a little publication it beats quite hard on its conceptual drum. It’s purely based on lie to truth to lie, and how this circle seems to repeat till we don’t care and accept either. Copies are only $2 and should be available soon in my Etsy store, or let me know about a zine fair near you and I will try and make it there!!

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