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The body of Jason Kamaka, a scientist in Nostromo One, an underwater research lab, washes up on the beach. His throat has been slashed so the Five-0 is called in: Steve and Danny pull rank and opt to remain on land, sending Adam, Tani, and Junior (“Hooyah”) down to investigate. And, as there are still four others on board the lab, all of whom are suspects, it’s essentially a classic country house murder transported to the bed of the Pacific Ocean.

The set designers have a certain amount of fun with the premise: all of the Nostromo doors open, with a hissing sound, at the turn of huge wheels, when presumably handles would work just as well. But it’s the weakest episode for a while; the lab’s secret purpose is underwhelming, and the oxygen supply starts running out at about the same time as my patience. Steve saves everyone, of course.


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