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Luka, a young musician friend of Flippa, is murdered, and his van stolen in the process. A cursory investigation of Luka’s background reveals that he’d just paid around $5000 to Annie, a 15-year-old girl, one of whose hairs is recovered from his clothing. So we know where we’re going, right? Well, no; Luka was also a family therapist who had been counselling Annie, who is gay and whose idiot parents want to send her to Idaho for “conversion therapy”. So Luka had been arranging for her to go to a sanctuary home in Hawaii, while also giving her money for legal advice.

The idiot parents are called in, confirm that they’d had a PI investigate Luka, and explain that this isn’t about torturing Annie; it’s about her “spiritual welfare”. Steve has the demeanour of a man who’s about to use his fists to effect some “conversion therapy” of his own. But then the stolen van is spotted on CCTV, with recent prisoner Connor Russell at the wheel. There’s no connection between Russell and Annie’s parents, but after a bit of digging it turns out that Russell is a white supremacist, and there’s scientific evidence which suggests he’s been making a fertiliser bomb.

And thus the plot takes another twist, as the Five-0 tries to hunt Russell down before he can detonate his bomb. There are two postscripts: one in which Annie, now emancipated, pays tribute to Luka; and another in which Grover tells Steve about a racist incident he endured in Illinois. I wondered whether Chi McBride might have had some input into the writing here, although I may be wrong (and I don’t want to downplay the role of the actual writers).

Anyway, a particularly interesting episode: H50 is generally very keen on extolling the virtues of America, so it might well have been bracing for some of its audience to be reminded that tolerance and humanity are among those virtues. I suspect, therefore, that there might have been viewers who didn’t like it for that reason. Too bad. I did.


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