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An odd little episode starts with someone being cremated alive – EW EW EW – but then immediately takes its time with a couple of diversions, neither of which are all that interesting. Steve and Danny end up as custodians of a cat, left in the will of the woman whose flat they used for a stakeout in a season 5 episode. And Lou and Adam go for breakfast, during which Lou lets Adam know that he, Adam, will always be able to look to him, Lou, for emotional support…? I mean, it might have been Mental Health Day in the States when this was shown, or something? I dunno. I feel as if I missed something important.

And the really weird thing is that, when the show finally returns to the A-plot, it’s potentially a good one: the deceased was a sort-of PI who was investigating the disappearance, 24 years ago, of a toddler, all of which suggests that he was getting uncomfortably close to solving the case. Unfortunately the main plot beats are covered in about two minutes at the iTable, which means that the big emotional climax didn’t feel earned. At least Tani has asked Junior to be her escort at a wedding – just as friends, it’s not a date – which means that in a couple of weeks we’re going to see their faces when each realises that the other scrubs up rather well, and maybe they’ll make out.


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