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Hello – hello my little faces and have a lovely Monday. I hope that you had an awesome week, that you are all well and happy and that you watched a lot of episodes… Let’s see what I watched this week.


Charmed ( 1×22 )
A really decent season finale! After Macy became the Source and brought Galvin back to life ( let him be dead girl! ) she starts to lose it. The powers she got are way too powerful and they feeding by her human emotions. Therefore, she’s too scared that she’s gonna lose her sisters and Harry. She believes that they will be scared of her and they will just leave her alone. Harry, and her sisters ( Mel and Maggie ), trying to convince her that they will be there for her but Macy isn’t able to listen to them. In order to make them feel safe starting creating alternative realities with the hope that she’ll save her mother and they gonna live all together happy. Eventually, Harry and the girls manage to make her believe them that they never gonna leave her and in a moment of clarity the girls put the Source into Macy’s neckless which broke into three pieces. They hide the pieces in three deferent places in the world. In the end, Galvin had to die to restore the natural order ( what a nice day! I didn’t like him like all you can imagine ) and Macy tried ( with no result ) to talk to Harry about his feelings for her!! ( My poor #Hacy heart ). Parker left the town with Maggie really heartbroken ( can we ship her with the Satyr now? ) and Mel said her “goodbye” to Niko. Can’t wait for the second season.

I also watched: Erkenci Kus ( 1×36 ), Whiskey Cavalier ( 1×13 ), Hawaii five-0 ( 9×25 ).

Let me know what you watched this week and don’t forget to tell me what you think about the post in the comments below or on my facebook page. Also, if you like my posts just follow my blog through WordPress or your e-mail account ( you’ll find the following buttons on your right in this post ). Until next time…

xx Marilita.


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