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the new Hawaii Five-0 on CBS

For this one we go right to the beginning, to where it all started for Hawaii Five-0Sunset On The Beach #1 in 2010.

We included two videos to cover most of the event of that first Premiere. Both also included sort interviews with Alex.

Malika: I’ve got Alex O’Loughlin here with me

Alex: [Alex waves to somebody]

Malika: So, what is it like being here in Hawaii, doing a show like this?

Alex: It’s amazing. It’s even more amazing seeing this in Hawaii. I mean you don’t sort of think about Red Carpets and huge crowds in Hawaii. So it’s …. I’m seeing all this and I’m seeing the… the sunset and the ocean. It’s crazy.. it’s amazing … it’s amazing

Malika: You’ve been to premieres before I’m assuming – Have you ever been to a premiere like this, under the stars?

Alex: No … no … it’s …. Like I said, it’s amazing. I didn’t know what to expect … and it’s … I’m really touch and real excited to be a part of this. I think it’s a …. It’s such a great show and I’m just really glad to be here.

Malika: So, I know you’ve gotten this question a lot, but the difference between what it was and what it is now. What do you think people are really going to appreciate, and what is new?

Alex: Look, I think … you know the old show was a long time ago. And that was a whole different time in television. You know, we have a lot of new technology, we have a lot of …. Like TV today is a very different animal. And we’ve got all the good stuff that we have in TV making and film making today, and we’ve got a reboot of all these characters that we’ve grown to love over the years. And so, we brought it together and we’ve got a great show coming your way.

Malika: It’s a little sexier to, huh?

Alex: I think so.

Malika: [Giggles]

Do you have to speak Pidgin on the show?

Alex: A little bit, but I’m not very good at it. I speak Mandarin in the Pilot to. I still don’t know what I said.

Malika: [Laughs] Well, thank you so much for that interview

Alex: You’re welcome.

Malika: We’ll let you go along. I know you are a very busy man at this point.

Back to you guys Keahi and Tannya.

This is only the transcript from the first part of the video of Alex’s interview.

On the rest of the video there is also an interview with Peter Lenkov,Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

Link to video


  • The second video is a beautiful report by Heidi Chang about the Premiere:

Heidi Chang takes you to the world premiere of the new Hawaii Five-0,Hawaiian style. Meet the show’s cast members: Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park and Taryn Manning as they stroll down the red carpet on Waikiki Beach, and also the shows executive producers: Peter Lenkov, Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

Also joining them on stage: the daughters of Leonard Freeman, who created the original show, and the president of CBS Television studios, David Stapf. CBS and the City and County of Honoluluput on a special Sunset on the Beach event to celebrate the series’ reboot, featuring island musicians including Willie K, Makana, Tamaine Gardner, and the University of Hawaii Marching Band playing the iconic Hawaii Five-0theme song. Heidi Chang produced, wrote and narrated the Hawaii Five-0 Premiere Special for Honolulu Municipal Television.Mahalo to the Hawaii Five-0 cast and crew, entertainers and fans, who made this such a fun and cool premiere! And thank you for watching. Aloha.

  • Here is what Alex had to say on the red carpet in the video:

Alex: I’m humbled. I’m deeply grateful. And I’m really overwhelmed. But it’s amazing. I mean, I feel … I feel like I’m a part of the community, you know. I’ve been here for a while now. I’ve been here for a few months and I’ve kind of felt like an outsider. And tonight I feel like …. It’s awesome.

  • As part of the video there are short interviews with the main cast, as well as the producers. They also acknowledge the actors from the old Hawaii Five-O who were present. The main cast members were welcomed on stage by Peter Lenkov, and Daniel Dae Kim was given the opportunity to thank everybody.

Link to video:


With this post we are taking you back 7 years …..

On 31 March 2011 just before the wrap up of the first season of Hawaii Five-0, the lawmakers of Hawaii honoured members of the show at the Hawaiian State Capitol. Those who were honoured included the two actors Alex O’Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim.

Al Harrington, Daniel Dae Kim, Alex O’Loughlin, Peter Lenkov, and Glenn Geller pictured with members of the 2011 Hawaii State House of Representatives on March 31, 2011.

We compiled a post with some of the pictures taken that day, as well as some of the video clips of the proceedings.

Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim and Al Harrington (31 March 2011)

Together with the people from Hawaii Five-0 there was also someone else that was honored that day. Patrick Gartside was recognised for his selflessness in donating bone marrow cells and a kidney to others.

Sen. Mike Gabbard, Patrick Gartside, and Alex O’Loughlin on the floor of the State Senate on March 31, 2011.

  • The 1st video shows a short speech about the importance of shows like Hawaii Five-0 for the state. And then came the introduction of the members of Hawaii Five-0:

Glenn Geller (Senior Vice President of Current Programming at CBS)

Peter Lenkov (Executive Producer)

Alex O’Loughlin

Daniel Dae Kim

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The 2nd video talk about the increase of tourism from Australia.

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  • The 3rdvideo is a shorter version, with just the introductions of the people from Hawaii Five-0:

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  • The 4th video show the introduction of other support staff, like Alex’s assistant Diana, and also include Daniel’swife Mia.

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  • The 5th video is a report from Hawaii News Now about the event:

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Group Photo:

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane …..


Junior, out jogging, is almost run over by a woman in a car, who turns out to be very obviously (a) an ex; and (b) pregnant. Tani, meantime, hustles her loser brother out of a drug den seconds before it’s busted by the HPD. It looks like an attempt to humanise the new guys, but by way of balance one of the old guys is back as well: Steve is at the airport in order to pick Adam and Kono up, but of course only Adam arrives, because Kono is still “chasing after child traffickers”.

Back to Junior, who thinks that something might be about to happen when four guys carrying gun-shaped bags get out of a car with no numberplate parked outside a bank. Uh, good catch, Junior. He alerts Steve, who heads over with Adam; sure enough, there’s a robbery in progress, and the baddies have already dug their escape tunnel. Steve, of course, goes charging after them, and shoots – SPOILER ALERT – someone in a police uniform, who everyone seems very willing to believe must actually be a cop, up to and, indeed, after the point where he dies in hospital. Steve beats himself up about it until some rudimentary investigation reveals that the dead guy was one of the robbers. So we’re all OK again, because that sort of death is absolutely fine.

The robbery looks like an inside job, and the most likely suspect is dragged into the Blue Room to be interrogated. While backs are turned, though, another of the robbers – also wearing HPD uniform – gets into the Five-0 HQ and shoots him. I can’t recall a baddie managing to infiltrate the Blue Room before. He doesn’t get far, though, and nor does the cash stolen from the bank. The question of who deposited the money in the first place is left unanswered for now: Adam thinks it must have been gangsters; and, let’s face it, if anyone would know he would. The first half of this episode was quite exciting, but it all fizzled out a bit when the focus went onto the dead “cop”.

The Hooyahs are off the scale this week, incidentally. Looks like they come as a package deal with Junior.


Like this:


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8.17 Hōlapu ke ahi, koe iho ka lehu

Adam’s mission to take down organized crime on the Island goes sideways when deadly chlorine gas he was using to bait a big fish falls into the wrong hands. Also, Adam begins to doubt Jessie’s (Christine Ko) allegiance, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, March 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Michael Imperioli returns as Odell Martin.

“Hōlapu ke ahi, koe iho ka lehu” is Hawaiian for “The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left”

So, I guess Adam made it out of the container? 😉

Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)
Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri)
Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey)
Beulah Koale (Junior Reigns)
Taylor Wily (Kamekona)
Kimee Balmilero (Noelani Cunha)

Christine Ko (Jessie Nomura)
Michael Imperioli (Odell Martin)

Rob Duval (Doug Manning)
Sven Lindstrom (Kevin Randall)
Andrew Kamoku (Akani)
Joel Himelhoch (Mitchell)
Desmond Chiam (Kazuya Nemoto)
Ashley Platz (Denise Randall)
Dave Edery (Roland James)
Joe Pineda (Dr. Price)
Cari Tanabe (Executive)
Kevin Sun (Assistant)
Angie Taylor Anderson (Law Student)
Kiana Rivera (Hazmat Tech)
Craig Davidson (Guard #1)
Michael Rufino (Guard #2)

WRITTEN BY: Liz Alper & Ally Seibert
DIRECTED BY: Maja Vrvilo

Thanks to CBS and SpoilerTV for the Info.


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We have done so many of the interviews and speeches from Sunset on the Beach lately to update our archives and I thought that it might be a fun idea to let you all choose which look of Alex at SOTB over the years, did you like best. With it I have some trivia just for some added fun. Hope you enjoy it and also the pictures that were chosen – most of them for a specific reason. (And remember to click on them to see them better)

SOTB Season 1

(13 September 2010)

  • Clothes: Alex was dressed in a black suit with a white open neck shirt without a tie.
  • Assisting Alex on the red carpet: Diana Jackson his PA at that time.
  • Family and Friends: At the first SOTB Alex was accompanied by his girlfriend that he had at that time, actress Amber Clayton.
  • Fellow Cast & their families: All the main cast members, Scott, Daniel and Grace were there, as well as Taryn Manning. (There is not a lot of footage available, and I am therefore not sure who else attended.)
Peter with the cast at SOTB 1

SOTB Season 2

(10 September 2011)

  • Clothes: A dark suit with a dark shirt and no tie. And a white pocket-handkerchief.
  • Assisting Alex on the red carpet: Diana Jackson his PA at that time.
  • Family & Friends:Alex did not bring any recognisable guests, but his friend and stand-in double Sam Gouldsat with him.
  • Fellow Cast & their families: Scottattended with his girlfriend Kacy, Daniel was there with his wife Mia and the children, Grace was there with her husband Phil. Masi Oka and Lauren German also attended.

SOTB Season 3

(23 September 2012)

  • Clothes: This year Alex chose a light grey suit with a white shirt and a brown pocket-handkerchief with white dots.
  • Assisting Alex on the red carpet: Kristen Rowsey was Alex’s PA at the time.
  • Family & Friends: He attended with Malia who was far along in her pregnancy with Lion and her son Spike, and a number of her family (including Malia’s father and stepmother, and also her brother Daniel and his wife Natalie). And of course at the time Saxon also stayed in Hawaii and attended the event with them as well.
  • Fellow Cast & their families: At the time, Scottwas not there, because his mother passed away during that week (but Kacy attended). Grace was also not there. But Daniel and his wife Mia as well as Masi Oka and Michelle Borth attended.

SOTB Season 4

(26 September 2013)

  • Clothes: Dark Grey suit with a white shirt and a tie (it is rather easy to spot the pictures from this SOTB, as it was the only time that Alex wore a tie. I loved it!)
  • Assisting Alex on the red carpet: Kristen Rowsey was still Alex’s PA at the time
  • Family & Friends: Alex attended with Malia and Spike and Malia’s father.
  • Fellow Cast & their families: As usual Daniel and his wife Mia attended, but neither Scott nor Grace was at the event – Grace was pregnant at the time. This was of course the first year that Chi McBride attended as part of the team. Michelle Borth was also there.
  • Link to Speech: #H50 – #AlexOLoughlin speaks at “Sunset on the Beach”
CTY FIVE-O- 26 SEPTEMBER 2013- Alex O’Loughlin waved a double shaka for the fans at the Sunset on the Beach premiere of the fourth season of Hawaii Five-O on Thursday. Honolulu Star-Advertiser photo by Cindy Ellen Russell

SOTB Season 5

(13 September 2014)

  • Clothes: This year Alex chose a dark suit with a dark open neck shirt.
  • Family & Friends: Malia and Spike.
  • Fellow Cast & their families: This year the main cast were back again in full force with Scott and Grace back at the event. Grace brought her husband again this time. As usual Mia was there with Daniel. And of course Chi and Jorge.
  • Link to speech: #AlexOLoughlin thanks Hawaii at SOTB Season 5 Premiere.

SOTB Season 6

(12 September 2015)

  • Clothes: Dark suit with a shade of blue and a dark open neck shirt.
  • Family & Friends: Malia and her brother Danielattended with Alex
  • Fellow Cast & their families: As usual Daniel was there with wife Mia, but this time Grace was there without her husband. And then of course Chi and Jorge. Interesting to see that a second year in a row, Peter Lenkov’s wife Audie, also attended (sitting next to Malia in the front row)

SOTB Season 7

(23 September 2016)

  • Clothes: Once again Alex chose a dark suit, but this time with V-neck black sweater.
  • Assisting Alex on the red carpet: Ryan
  • Family and Friends: Malia attended with Alex.
  • Fellow Cast & their families: Not many pictures of the cast available, but we know that Scott was there with Kacy. And as usual Daniel and his wife Mia attended with Chi and Jorge as well.

SOTB Season 8

(10 November 2017)

  • Clothes: This time Alex wore a dark suit again, but with a round neck black sweater.
  • Assisting Alex on the red carpet: Ryan
  • Family & Friends: As with most of the other stars, Alex did not bring any guests this year.
  • Fellow Cast & their families: Most of the stars (Scott, Chi, Meaghan, Anthony and Jorge) attended alone, apart from Beulah who brought his wife.
  • Link to speech: #AlexOLoughlin and #H50 – Sunset On The Beach (#8)

Each and every year Alex looked like a star and gave his very best to the fans and also his colleagues.

Which year was your favourite for the way Alex dressed?


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