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the new Hawaii Five-0 on CBS


“Kama’oma’o, ka ‘aina huli hana” – At Halloween, Five-0 must investigate a string of murders that mirror stories from well-known Hawaiian folklore. Also, Grover is called to visit a man hours away from execution who may hold the key to a case that has plagued Grover for years, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
“Kama’oma’o, ka ‘aina huli hana” is Hawaiian for “At Kama’oma’o, The Land of Activities”

Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)
Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey)
Beulah Koale (Junior Reigns)
Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela)
Kimee Balmilero (Noelani Cunha)

Joey Lawrence (Aaron Wright)
Claire Forlani (Alicia Brown)
Eddie (Himself)

Vivan Durge (Hannah Bell)
James Frain (Sebastian Wake)
Matt Reidy (Wardes)
Michele Carrol (Marissa Walker)
Mariah Phommachanh (12-Year-Old Marissa Walker)
Rylee Brooke Kamahele (Lacey Bell)
Eliza Escano (Defense Attorney)
Eric Nemoto (Prosecuting Attorney)
Norm Dabalos (Doctor)
Walter Espiritu (HPD Uniform)
Cleavandor Wright (Desk Guard)
Kaliq Rashad (Prison Cell Officer)
Geoff Heise (Justice Gregory Parnell)

WRITTEN BY: Peter M. Lenkov & Eric Guggenheim
DIRECTED BY: Bronwen Hughes


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Episode 8.04

What an awesome episode! Loved it! So I couldn’t help myself. Here we go again. leiCa


Woohoo, it’s friday… oh wait… I am a SuperSEAL.


He could take a selfie of his soul and it would be attractive.


Just an ovenview. No pan intended.


We just told this shelter seal he’s coming home with us.


Always be yourself. Unless you can be Steve. Then be Steve.


Not enough middle fingers for this day.


Ha! Marty, I see you, you back seat lurker! Sugar, how’d you get so fly?


A man only realizes how much he farts when he is with a woman he really likes.


With a great penis comes great responsibility.


Bagged his sweat and sold it. Never had to work a single day.


Shirts he owns: 53

Shirts he wears: 7

Shirts he throws away: 0


McBluRay. He who believes in dannoyed at first sight.


I tell you, Lou. It starts so innocent and all of a sudden your whole arm is inside the potato chip bag.


Badass with a good ass.


“Ok, something witty, leiCa. Something funny, leiCa. Just something. Get a grip.”

“But there’s neck. And face. And chesthair peekaboo. And plaid. And the NoD!”

Okay let’s nod to the NoD. (Nostrils of Determination)


Oy. I think Marty is drunk. Or overwhelmed. Because…


Steve is sitting in the corner of adorkableness and bomb-diggity.



The end.


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I enjoyed this episode purely for the fact that Alex got the chance again to do a bit more than just running around and looking gorgeous all the time. But together with it I also felt tired for his sake at the end of it all.

It was as if I experience through Stevethe burden of having to carry all the issues of his Ohana, old and new, all alone. Just as I have a feeling that Alex seems to be carrying the weight of the show at the moment. Every episode this season – and we are only at #4 now – he seems a bit more tired than the one before.

Some random thoughts while watching the episode ………

  • Looking at the “previously” on part of the episode: I thought that the words ‘7 years ago’ would have been much more appropriate than “previously” on and then when they switched to the Aaron Wright flashback, maybe just say ‘a few weeks ago‘. It was all just a bit confusing in the end.

  • …… And also after realising that they killed off Toast, I would have liked a few more flashbacks of his other work with Five-0. Many say that they killed off the wrong character and that he could still have been used better, but I think they actually managed to find one where we could really feel Steve’s pain with. In other words I think it was a good choice, especially because he was popular, but has been under-used over the years in any case. The widespread reaction to it, just shows that it hit a home run with fans as well, as they feel the loss. Killing off Kamekona’s franchise shrimp truck would really not have felt like they lost a family member. And killing off another under-used character like Nahele would have been really brutal.

  • I can understand Steve’s wish for Junior to go through HPD training – to bridge the gap between military and police work. But really saying that Junior is raw material is maybe stretching it. Isn’t SEAL training some of the toughest combat training ever. In other words he is not raw, but highly trained. Of course the physical and weapons training part of the course will be boring and a breeze for him! DUH!

  • I found it funny that Steve knew what the instructor meant by ” he reminds me of you” – On the other hand of course he would show the same traits. They completed the same training and experienced war? So again – DUH!

  • And to Lou’s surprise, Steve is also surprised at why Danny would want him as a partner, if he does not want to take risks. (Dear Steve, please note that this restaurant partnership thing will be with us for the rest of the season (It replaces the transplant gag as “comic relief” and to show us all just how much Steve and Danny actually love each other and are connected – or how much they are in love or something. Because the constant display of rude animosity between them and cartoon like attempts at “therapy”, killed the natural brotherhood and respect as partners, a long time ago) And if they end the series with the two of you retiring as restauranteurs – it will be our wonderful parting gift from the writers for the rest of our memories of this series 😥 )

  • Steve hearing the shots fired at Toast and him being killed immediately took me back to Steve hearing his father die over the phone …..

  • Toast’s position is ten minutes from where they are – but then suddenly we hear gunshots close to them, directly with the naked ear?

  • Lou’s little nod to Noelani to cover Toast’s dead body – Oh Lou how I love you! You really care for your friend, Steve!! And Alex, your subtle display of grief – masterful acting!!

  • Can someone tell me why Tani(a female and a rookie) was left alone with a male prisoner (Aaron) without any HPD guards for back-up. I really do not like it when they let Steve make such stupid and out of protocol decisions, just for the sake of the plot ….

  • A long con? How would Wright have known that he was going to be captured in the first place? And why would a well know master hacker criminal who was able to break somebody from prison with just his computer and hack Five-0 as well, be allowed to use a computer and the internet while in prison. Are the prison system really that dumb?

  • The whole Kamekona storyline was full of heartwarming fuzzy feelings even though we had to see the big guy suffer. I was just wondering in the end, did they just leave him there in the woods to walk home,or did they drop him off safely at home after not killing him?

(Peekaboo tattoo)

  • In the end Steve was willing to take desperate measures to save Kamekona, and then also found time to help and console everybody else. At least he’s got Eddie to look after him now I guess …….

Thanks to some very observant fans, who spotted the newly acquired (somewhere after start of filming this season, because it was not there in the first episode) two dotted tattoo on Alex‘s ring finger. Interesting. Did he get any other new ink that we do not know of?


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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Hawaii Five-0, This Is Us, The Flashand Gotham!

Inhumans medusa louise1 | As entertainingly mismatched as Inhumans‘ Medusa and Louise are, is the obvious Thelma and Louise homage a bit too on the nose, down to the convertible they’re tooling around in?

2 | Isn’t it long past time that Jane the Virgin retired the Sin Rosetro storyline?

3 | TVLine reader Priscilla asks: “Is this CBS’ idea of empowering women? On MacGyver, Jack’s naked backside is exposed as humorous to the entire team and Matty (Jack’s superior) slaps it. Would Steve McGarrett or Frank Reagan do the same to a female who worked for them? I think not.”

4 | Was it bittersweet that Halt and Catch Fire‘s excellent Season 4 got buried on Saturday nights? Or was it a welcome, all-too-rare piece of prestige TV on the quiet night? And since co-creator Christopher Cantwell told us that “there are hints scattered throughout that diner,” we have to ask: What do you think Donna’s big idea was at the end of the series finale? (Did seeing the jukebox give her the idea for MP3s? Did having to pay the check at the register have her contemplating mobile transactions?)

Star Trek: Discovery5 | Regardless of how you feel about Star Trek: Discovery‘s F-bombs: Would the word “f—k” really still be taboo two centuries from now? And when this duo (at right) argue, are you typically Team Saru or Team Burnham?

6 | Are Madam Secretary‘s Stevie and Dmitri the potential romantic pairing you didn’t realize you always wanted?

7 | Is the new Curb Your Enthusiasm — with Elizabeth Banks, Salman Rushdie and Damon Wayans Jr. this week — getting a little too star-studded?

8 | How did Supergirl explain away the giant hole in the CatCo elevator after Kara flew out of there in a panic?The Big Bang Theory

9 | Can Big Bang Theory please send some of their impressive green-screen technology over to Grey’s Anatomy for use in those painfully fake rooftop helipad scenes?

10 | On Kevin Can Wait, did Kevin filling in as Vanessa’s date at the wedding, followed by Vanessa’s father telling her she “picked a good one,” feel like the show not-so-subtly planting the seeds for an inevitable relationship?

Law & Order True Crime11 | Is Josh Charles’ wig the truest crime?

12 | Why did The Flash‘s speed-binge include Jon Snow’s June 2015 death (and his May 2016 revival) if Barry had only been gone for six months? During the closing skirmish, why did Wally just stand there while Kilg%re went about hacking Barry’s speed suit? If Central City is located a good 600 miles from Star City, why would its own newspaper’s front page refer simply to “Mayor Queen”? Could the opening scene with the Realtor have disguised Arrow‘s loft just a bit more? Finally (whew!), which was the most ridiculous instance of physics: a pulley system briskly shaking an elevator like a Yahtzee cup, or Barry disassembling a speeding car?

This Is Us13 | Does This Is Us‘ pregnancy reveal seem rather extraneous amid all that’s currently going on? Doesn’t it threaten to make Kate’s awaited career-focused, non-weight loss storyline once again about her body?And did they have to employ such an unsubtle red herring in the form of that pharmacy sign flagrantly broadcasting “weight loss”? Finally, should the show have better degraded the Pearsons’ crisp, letter-boxed (!) football game video from 20 years ago?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine14 | Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, were you completely blindsided by Jake’s marriage proposal to Amy? And who had worse meet-cute hair?

15 | Will SVU‘s Noah/grandmother storyline be worth it if it brings Rollins and Benson closer, like in that sweet scene this week?

16 | What are the odds that South Park and Riverdale, two shows produced in the year 2017, would both do remixed covers of Kelis’ 14-year-old “Milkshake” on the very same evening?

Megyn Kelly Today17 | Only a few weeks in, and Megyn Kelly Today is already stealing Ellen’s signature moves (and doing it really badly)?

18 | Which anthropomorphic vagina was more entertaining: Will & Grace‘s “dead” “snooch,” or Mellie’s “murder house” “ladybits” on last week’s Scandal?

19 | Unless Will & Grace is airing out of order, they almost certainly went back and inserted that “Head’s up, Puerto Rico!” paper towel toss, right?

20 | Since Superstore‘s revenge-seeking employee Carol wasn’t otherwise seen this week, safe to assume she was the hooded creeper waiting at Sandra’s bus stop at the end of the episode?Supernatural Spoilers

21 | Dear Supernatural: Did the apocalypse destroy color?

22 | On Arrow, did it strike you as odd that Oliver would — spoiler alert! — ask Dig, who’s also a father, to put himself in harm’s way by taking on the mantle of Green Arrow? And why does William’s bedroom have concrete slab walls?

23 | Is Solomon Grundy (“…born on a Monday”) the very best thing to happen to Gotham‘s Butch in four seasons? Also, have we talked yet about how darrrrrrrrk it was for Ra’s al Ghul to slash that little boy’s throat?

24 | Why did it take so long for How to Get Away With Murder‘s Michaela to enlist Oliver as her Caplan & Gold hacker? Isn’t that kind of his thing?

25 | Did Jennifer Aniston forget to take out her retainer while recording the voiceover for the new Smart Water ads?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

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Please give a warm welcome to our new contributor, leiCa. We’re sure you will enjoy her witty humor.

Episode 3(2)

So, I am trying something new here. Some fun with our favorite Commander.


Too hot.


The Eye Roof. Can we make roofing a thing now?


Yep. I’m legend.


Hey Danny, it’s me. The Legend.


Let me introduce you to Steve’s Firefly-Stalker. He is been there for years and refuses to leave. Can you spot him? Over the years he lost a little bit of power, or he uses an energy saving lamp now. Steve calls him ‘Marty’. Because McFly. You know, Marty McFly. Say hello!


Just because. The reasons are endless. And powerful.


Help! Just help! My dog sat in a glass of strawberry jam!


You want to cuddle him?


The awkward moment you’re asking yourself if it is okay to tell your best friend that floral patterns are so 80s.


No flowers, Lou. But I’ve got neither the time nor the colored pencils to explain it to you.


1.. 2.. 3.. *cough* doremifasoladi…


*I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa
Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa
Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa*


Eddie: “Ok, Steve. Just stop asking this stupid question. Just tell me already: Who is a good boy? Who? I am losing my patience here!”


Puppy Dog Eyes.


The moment you’re asking yourself who on earth is mopping the floor under your bed.


Oh Eddie. There’s no need for diapers when you’re outside.


Hawaii Five-O Staffel 8 Folge 2 (3) 5304

The moment you fail being nonchalant about your human petting another dog.

(Screens by Kasi/Alex-o-Loughlin.net)

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