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It’s been a year now since I’ve started blogging about the MacGyver Reboot on this WordPress blog. Most people land here via Twitter, but some also by using search engines. The top 3 list of search terms is pretty unspectacular:

  1. dashboardonfire
  2. dashboard on fire wordpress
  3. george eads

Some search engines don’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons. According to WordPress, search engines like Google have been encrypting the vast majority of search terms since 2013. Therefore, WordPress often can’t specify which search terms were used by visitors who found this blog using a search engine. That’s why the majority on my list – almost 2000 by now – are Unknown search terms.

Excerpt of the search engine statistics (retrieved May 20, 2018)

Still, there’s a couple of search terms I want to comment on and throw in some additional education – and maybe help the unknown searching beings in finding an answer. I’m not sure people found exactly the answer they were looking for on here, though. So feel free to comment if I missed something.

Let me say this before we start, though: I’ve never seen so many different ways how you can write “MacGyver” before.

macgyver cast
Yes, I write a lot about the MacGyver Cast. If you’re looking for the cast of a specific episode, you might be luckier if you head over to the official reboot page on IMDb.

Not only can you check for the entire cast and crew for the whole series (circled red at the bottom) or for every episode using the Episode Guide (circled left), but you can also rate the episodes and check which episodes are the highest rated. In case you’re interested: The highest-rated one at the moment is Episode 2×12 (Mac + Jack ).

macgyver fanfiction
First, let me explain: FanFiction (FF) is when fans take either the story or characters (or both) of a certain piece of work (whether it be a novel, TV show, a movie) and write their own story based on it. Easy example: The infamous Fifty Shades of Grey movie series is based on books by the same name that were initially Twilight FanFiction. If you write a story about what would have happened if famous wizard Harry Potter had been sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor, that’s FanFiction.

Yes, there’s MacGyver FanFiction as well. Not as much as for other fandoms, but the Reboot fandom is still growing and new stories are published or updated every day. If you’re looking for Original MacGyver FanFiction, you can hit the MacGyverOnline forum. For Reboot FF, I usually check on either Archive Of Our Own (AO3) or FanFiction.net. Many authors post on both archives and some use Tumblr or WattPad.

BtS photo of Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via Sheryl Lee Ralph)

Many stories are so-called Episode Tags, meaning these are scenes we didn’t get to watch in an episode (e.g. what happened after MacGyver was shot in the Pilot Episode or a specific scene told using Jack’s or Thornton’s point of view).

what did sheryl lee ralph get paid for the macgyver episode
I have no clue what actors get paid in general, so I don’t know anything about TV show salaries either. Apparently, it was enough, otherwise she wouldn’t have come back for Season 2.

what episode of macgyver does jack use his sniper rifle who loves you baby
You’re referring to the Pilot Episode (1×01: The Rising). In a flashback to their military days, we see Jack sniping at bad guys while Mac is defusing a bomb. The scene was set up to be a nod to Peter Lenkov’s other show Hawaii Five-0 since Jack has history with H50 main character Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin). In a deleted shot of the episode, you can see the word ALOHA stenciled on Jack’s rifle.

Deleted Shot of Episode 1×01: The Rising. Photo by Guy D’Alema (via TVLine)

The scene caused some controversy; especially with fans of the Original Show. If anyone’s interested about the reasons, I wrote a blog post about it.

macgyver cast 2018 who plays willy mardi
I have no clue who Willy Mardi is, but he sounds interesting. Unless you were looking for Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair), I can’t really help out here.

macgyver justine hires cries during agent test
In the first half of Season 2, Bozer (played by Justin Hires) goes to “spy school”. In Episode 2×09 (CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil), Bozer has to pass an interrogation test at the training center which needs him to confront a painful childhood memory. Justin got many compliments on the scene by fans, but also by cast and crew – though he stated on Instagram that this was the most difficult scene he’s filmed so far for the show.

All Fun and Games in a BtS of Episode 2×09: CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil (via Justin Hires)

FunFact: The memory is a nod to the Original Show (Episode 4×02: Blood Brothers) since a similar childhood drama involving a gun happened to Original MacGyver and his friends. The storyline of the episode is all about MacGyver returning to his hometown to find himself haunted by the memories of that fatal shooting accident.

what did the trampoline w ballons have to do w the beginning of mcguver
The scene you’re talking about is not only a nod to the animated movie UP, but also part of the so-called Opening Gambit for Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle). The Opening Gambits were implemented in the Original Show and usually written and directed by another crew than the rest of the episode. They were longer than in the Reboot, so you had a mini MacGyver adventure within the episode that usually had no ties to the main storyline. Because of the high production costs and time issues, they dropped these kind of opening sequences pretty soon. Some of them have become pretty iconic, though and feature some of the most favorite MacGyverisms of the Original Show.

BtS picture of Episode 2×19: Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle (via Steven Serna)

what episode of macgyver season 2 does jack wear chaps
The chaps make an appearance in the Opening Gambit of Episode 2×18 (Riley + Airplane). Crew member Kate Roberson posted a funny BtS video on Instagram; revealing what these chaps looked up close. As you can see, nobody had to freeze their buttocks off.

macgyver was tied up
Oh yes. That happens quite often, both in the Original Show and in the Reboot. Not that often in the Reboot, though since sometimes it’s Jack that gets tied up. Thinking about it without any kind of research, I can refer to Episodes 1×07 (Can Opener) and 2×04 (X-Ray + Penny) where Mac is the one getting tied up to a chair.

BtS Instagram Live Story video screenshots of Episode 2×18: Riley + Airplane (via Kate Roberson)

was latest macgyver episode filmed in purrto rico
This person is referring to Episode 2×21 (Wind + Water), written by MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff. Though the episode is set in Puerto Rico, the cast filmed in Atlanta and Georgia Area. It is possible that the crew produced some recent aerial shots of Puerto Rico via drone, but it’s also possible they bought already existing material for the landscape sequences. As far as I know, the only time the main cast actually travelled to another country to film scenes was for Episode 1×18 (Flashlight), the crossover episode with Hawaii Five-0. It was only Lucas Till and George Eads filming in Hawaii, though – the rest of the scenes were filmed in Atlanta as well.

For Season 2, the crew and the stunt doubles for Lucas and George travelled to Cuba to film the Opening Gambit of Episode 2×01 (DIY or DIE). The scenes involving Lucas and George themselves were also filmed in Atlanta, in front of blue and green screens. A TV show simply doesn’t have the budget to do all the oversea travelling required for filming on location. To save money, many TV shows set in California are either filmed in Vancouver or in Atlanta.

BtS of Episode 2×01: DIY or DIE (via George Eads)

what do i watch first hawaii 5 o bulletproof or macgyver flashlight?
Good question. Since the episode titles for Hawaii Five-0 are in Hawaiian, it wasn’t that easy to find out which episode this visitor was looking for. In fact, I still don’t know: Despite Wikipedia helping out by providing the English titles, I couldn’t find an episode named “Bulletproof”. In general, I’ll advise watching the episodes in the same order as they premiered on American TV. In this case, that means first MacGyver and then H50 plus following the airdates, so 1×17 (Ruler), 7×18 (Handle with Care), 1×18 (Flashlight), 7×19 (Exodus), 1×19 (Compass) and so on. I’ve watched the whole first Season of MacGyver before starting Season 7 of H50 (without having seen Seasons 2 to 6, actually) and although both shows are set in the same Universe, I was fine (besides probably missing some Easter Eggs).


Like this:


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8.25 – Waiho wale kahiko

McGarrett and Five-0 discover a Russian spy ring hiding in plain sight when a Russian nuclear attack submarine appears off the coast of Waikiki. Also, Tani is conflicted by her unnerving discovery at Adam’s house, on the eighth season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 18 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Waiho wale kahiko to Ancients Exposed

To quote Lou Grover: “WHAT?!”

This was the season FINALE? Seriously? Boy, what a disappointment. Over the course of the last seasons we had some really good finales.

Remember the cliffhangers from season 1 to 3? They were all great in their own right. After that they kinda switched to non-cliffhanger episodes, which is fine by me. But at least they had been entertaining, and could be considered good episodes.

But this one? It had some entertaining scenes. And one awesome scene, but in general it was just a dud.

I have to agree, this one was lacking in many ways. I so wish 8.24 would have been the season finale.

I can’t suspend belief in a manner that would be required to enjoy this absolutely ridiculous storyline. I just can’t.

A Russian submarine practically on the beach of Waikiki? I have seen quite a bit of nonsense over the years, but I think this one takes the cake.

We had to suspend belief a few times, or look the other way regarding reality. And that is all good and fine, I mean, after all, this is just a TV show. But it’s not a scifi show, or a fantasy. It’s a darn police procedural. And I think it should at least try to stay on the path of somehow believable. That is my opinion about Five-0. I have often enough said I watch it for the action, for the crime, for the team, and mainly because of the main character.

I don’t want or need outrageous, stupid fantasy action or plot lines. Just give me a good crime, good detective work, some action and I’ll be happy.

This was not it.

What she said. This was NOT. IT.

I still don’t really know what the purpose of this episode even was. A mutiny on a Russian Sub, a Russian killer revenging his parents’ death? A spy ring and sleeper cells on Oahu? WTF?

OK, enough general ranting, let’s rant about particular parts of the episode. Or praise a few scenes. I mean, nothing is all bad, or all good for that matter.

Let’s start with what I truly hope was the last we have to endure about the stupid, STUPID restaurant business. Finally, Kamekona steps in. Haven’t we been saying this for months? Please, let him have it, make the two idiots (and with that I mean Steve and Danny) silent partners. They don’t have time for more anyway.

As leiCa said, “let’s RestauRANT”. Please, if we see the restaurant next season, let them be sitting in it having drinks. Even though they are part owners, I’m sure Kame will find a way to charge them regardless.

One question though, where did Kame get all that money from? Remember, he already invested a sizable sum into Hirsch’s business, so the question isn’t that far out there. Where did he get the money from? Surely not from selling shrimp in his shrimp truck.

Kame is a ‘get-rich’quick’ kind of guy, but I guess he does know how to turn a profit. First shave ice (which, my friends is not anything I need to try again), on to a shrimp truck, helicopter, cleaning service and now a restaurant. He is a business man. But $250,000 lying around the house is a lot of change. I hope for Steve and Danny’s sake that there are no marked bills in those suitcases. First, because I don’t want Kame to have stolen the money, but secondly, I don’t want it as a storyline in Season 9. Let Kame and friends run it as he sees fit.

It was really nice to see Nahele again, and I hope he will have a bigger part in season 9. He is a great young man, and I hope we will see more of him in the future.

I have loved Nahele since we first saw him. I wish he would have a more frequent role next season.

Another hope I have is that the phone call from Joe indicates that they will keep in closer touch than they obviously had the last months. It would be very nice to see him more often. First, I like the actor, and I also think Joe is a great character. One who is important to Steve. So I hope we see him more often in season 9.

True. Steve and Joe have a past. Some bad and some good, but isn’t that like all of our pasts? Joe has been a very important part of Steve’s life for a long time. I hope to see him again.

After this over five minute intro we come to the actual case. But first a bit of scenery. And do you know how cool it is to say “I’ve been there, seen that, climbed that too.”? It’s even more fun to watch it now after we had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful islands.

I squealed at the TV and paused it to look at those scenes. I know I’ve said it before, but when I see the beautiful scenery, I am amazed at how wonderful it all was. Oahu is truly one of the prettiest places on earth.

Anyway, on to the crime of the week. However ridiculous it was. OK, seriously, you don’t have to be an expert to know that it would be impossible for a sub like that to come that close to the beach of Waikiki. I am pretty sure that they would have been detected long before they were even close, not even to talk about the shallow waters around the island.

That is totally true. But let’s take it one step further. This island is the command post for the entire Pacific. That sub could not have “snuck up” to where it appeared. The Navy would have known it was there, hundreds of miles out. And to actually know exactly where it was is so silly. Right in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the lagoon.

Yeah, that is a totally suspend belief. Up there with “the claw”, although still, I think the claw wins hands down.

But these scenes gave us “Fun With Flags”. It was such fun watching the filming. Oh, and by the way, if you look closely you can spot us in the scene. McBear and Cpt. Lou, too. This was filmed on our last day. Our flight was in the afternoon, so we spent the morning at the Hawaiian Village and were very surprised to get another chance to see them working on the last episode.

We all had a great time. 😉


Yes, we all had a great time. I’m going to have to use a magnifying glass and look for us.

I will admit, while “Fun With Flags” is pretty implausible, it was fun to watch. We heard Grover’s booming voice order the police to get those people back, but the rest of it was only seen. We watched Steve doing his flag routine and I hoped he was really saying something with them that wasn’t obscene.

And now, I have something I want to complain about. Remember when we discussed 8.23 and our viewing of filming? We talked about the rude man who kept taking video after the crew asked him to stop? Well… he was back. I so wanted to go up to some of the crew members and rat him out. Here’s the story.

At this filming, the spectators were right next to the lagoon at the Hawaiian Hilton. The “set” was along Waikiki Beach there at the Hilton. They had come in and filled the set with beach chairs, beach towels and beach bags for all the spectators in the scene. Once the sub had been sighted, all those people converged on the spot where Fun With Flags was being performed.

They would film a take and when they ended the scene, the extras would spread back out so they could rush in for another take. As curious people do, when they were filming the scene, these extras in the scene were taking photos.

OK, so that was the scene. Lots of extras milling about. In addition, there were several people watching the filming that day. We were asked to stay on the lagoon side of the sidewalk away from the filming. I would guess between 50 and 75, maybe more. I looked around and near the back of this group, I saw the man who had been taking video the previous Tuesday. He was wandering around in a polo shirt and shorts with his cell phone out. A few minutes later, I saw him again… only this time he was on the opposite side of the sidewalk by the beach scene the crew had set up , his shirt off and a beach towel draped around his neck. The next time they called for the extras to get ready, he ran with them, cell phone in the air, and I’m guessing he was filming it the entire time.

I so wanted to rat him out. 🙂

So, back to the show. Steve, after playing around with the flags and getting nowhere, takes a zodiac and drives out to the sub. And actually boards it. Yeah, right.

From here on the story goes totally from one place to the other. It was just boring blabla, and bouncing from one scene to the other. Somehow it was missing structure. I don’t know, but for me this was just running around filling the time.

Only nice thing was to remember that Jerry had been injured. He was rolling around with a scooter.


Another thing I liked was that Grover mentioned that they were having Duke’s review to learn what will happen with him. I’m glad they addressed this and was hoping to hear something by the end of the show.

Then we’re getting to the best part of the episode. The fight. Wow. Now that was great hand-to-hand combat. Awesome.

That fight was absolutely amazing. I was tired at the end of it. 🙂

Although I do wonder where the heck the other four had been during that fight. But I guess we are not supposed to think about such trivial questions. 😉

We probably aren’t supposed to question it, but that really bugged me. Tani and Junior had already engaged with the guy on the second floor, called in their position and then Steve comes up the steps. They had to have been nearby when the guy jumped Steve. They fight and fight and then fall through the window and NO ONE is even close to the room? I find that so totally unreal. And then, only after Steve has the guy in the fountain and manages to roll off and collapse on the concrete that Danny wanders in the room and looks out the window as if he is totally bored with life. Which is art imitating life, I suppose. But after that awesome scene, that was such a let down.

Arrests are made all around and all is well again on the islands.


We end the episode with Tani telling Junior about the gun she found in Adam’s house. Huh, I wonder why it is even a question to her if she has to tell Steve. And how did she get the gun into the system and tested without telling where it was coming from?

True. She had the gun tested for ballistics, right? Why the heck did she put it back in the kitchen drawer? For the effect of showing Junior?

And the past few episodes I have been warming up more to Tani. But in this scene, once again she demonstrates that she has problems realizing she is on an elite task force. She should be above the law even in instances involving friends. And family. Although I don’t think Steve is one bit ignorant about things pertaining to her brother. I’m glad Junior didn’t hesitate when he said she had to let Steve know. But seriously, if the gun was tested, it would have been flagged to the open murder case of Adam’s sister. Everyone would have known at that time. This just made no sense.

And Junior, you are wrong about Adam. He participated in many crimes before. He is not what you think he is. Mark my words.

I totally agree. He kept his father’s money hidden all this time. Who knows what else is hidden on that island.

So, with that we end the season with an episode that was not a worthy season finale. In my eyes, by far the worst of all seasons.

I agree that it was the weakest, lamest cliff hanger we have had. But I still have 8.24 in my memory. McBear also gives it two paws up. He went into total SEAL mode after he watched it.

And I mean total. 😉

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An elderly hitman, Leroy Davis (nicely played by The Wire’s Frankie Faison), decides that it’s time for him to confess his sins to Steve, chosen because back in the day John McGarrett led the investigation into Leroy, but was never able to pin anything on him. Hawaii Five-0 normally handles its flashback stories pretty well, and this is no exception: it’s downbeat but touching. Curiously, at the end the families of the (eighteen) victims line up to offer thanks to Steve, who seems to accept it as his due, even though all he did was follow Leroy around.

It’s particularly out-of-place this week, because one of Steve’s worst decisions – putting Adam in charge of an undercover operation – is now unravelling, largely because Adam’s a colossal effing idiot. He’s abducted by McNeal and taken to meet his half-sister, who we now understand to be Ms Big. Which means that it’s her turn to demand the $20 million Adam knows nothing about, this time threatening Kono and Chin if he doesn’t pay up, and shooting McNeal in the head as a sort of demonstration of her bona fides as a ruthless yet capricious killer.

So Adam runs to Jessie, and tells her that with people he cares about under threat he’d better get the money. She’s dumbstruck: you… know where the money is? The money you denied knowing anything about? The money I tried to beat out of you? Oh yeah Adam knows where the money is: he’s deposited it with a Yakuza banker. Adam and Jessie withdraw $20 million in cash money at a moment’s notice – the Yakuza Bank clearly keeps a lot of cash on hand – and put it in his car. Obviously Adam turns his back for a minute, giving Jessie the opportunity to drive off with his car and his money. He ropes Tani in to help trace Jessie, but when the find the car the money’s gone and Jessie’s dead. Oh, Adam. Remember when you promised to protect her? Me too.


Like this:


Original Source

The series finale of ABC’s Once Upon a Time on Friday night drew 2.3 million total viewers and a 0.5 rating, marking its largest audience in two months while flat in the demo. TVLine readers gave the grand finale an average grade of “A-.”

Leading out of that, Agents of SHIELD‘s season finale (1.9 mil/0.5, TVLine reader grade “B+”) dipped in audience while flat in the demo. (S.H.I.E.L.D. returns in Summer 2019, with a shortened Season 6.)

ABC notes that 20/20’s royal wedding-themed outing drew a two-month audience high (of 2.6 million). Which is nice.


NBC |Blindspot (3.3 mil/0.6, TVLine reader grade “B+”) ticked up to 7- and 5-episode highs.

CBS | Leading out of Undercover Boss (4.6 mil/0.6), Hawaii Five-0‘s season finale (6.6 mil/0.7) dipped to hit and match series lows.

FOX |MasterChef Junior‘s two-hour finale averaged 3.3 mil and a 0.8, with the second hour leading the night in the demo (0.9).

THE CW | Pending adjustment due to MLB preemptions, Life Sentence (980K/0.2) is currently up a whole bunch.

Want scoop on any of the above shows? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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NEW YORK (AP) — Glance at next season’s schedule for CBS and you could be forgiven for wondering what decade it is.

The network is adding remakes of 1980s series “Murphy Brown” and “Magnum, P.I.” to a line-up that already includes blasts-from-the-past “Hawaii Five-0” and “MacGyver.”

CBS executives said Wednesday that the “Murphy Brown” reboot, which again stars Candice Bergen, moves TV anchor Murphy out of prime-time. She hosts a morning cable show with the snappy title of “Murphy in the Morning,” and is facing off against her son on a competing network.

A change that “Magnum” fans should watch for, beside a missing comma in the revamp’s title: The private detective has a goatee instead of the signature moustache of original star Tom Selleck. Jay Hernandez plays the new Thomas Magnum.

While ABC and NBC have found comedy reboot success with, respectively, “Roseanne” and “Will & Grace,” CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl acknowledged it’s not a slam-dunk. That’s why “Murphy Brown” is getting a supportive Thursday berth, airing after established comedy hits including “The Big Bang Theory” and “Mom.”

Bergen’s show is “going to get a lot of attention, we expect people (viewers) to come. But we want to make sure it doesn’t kind of fade out after the buzz of the premiere,” Kahl told reporters as the network unveiled its 2018-19 schedule.


New “Magnum” star Hernandez, who is of Latino descent, is among the actors of color joining the CBS line-up, long criticized for a lack of inclusion.

A number of freshman shows feature African-Americans leads, including “God Friended Me,” a comedy-drama with Brandon Micheal Hall as an atheist who does God’s work after they become Facebook friends. In the sitcom “The Neighborhood,” Cedric the Entertainer stars as an opinionated man who has to adjust to new white neighbors, and Damon Wayans Jr. and Amber Stevens West play young marrieds in another comedy, “Happy Together.”

Midseason will bring the comedy “Fam,” starring Tone Bell, and “The Red Line” from producers Ava DuVernay (“Selma,” ”Queen Sugar”) and Greg Berlanti, about the mistaken shooting of an African-American doctor by a white police officer. Along with Noah Wyle, the series stars include Howard Charles and Emayatzy Corinealdi.

The change in CBS’ approach to casting was apparent when cast members of the fall series were introduced at the network’s presentation to advertisers, taking the spotlight that had rarely gone to non-white actors.


“The Big Bang Theory” enters its 12th year this fall, and is still a draw: This season’s finale, in which the Amy and Sheldon characters wed, was the most-watched show last week. Kahl and programming chief Thom Sherman said they see no end in sight, as long as the producers feel they still have stories to tell.

It’s in “peak form” and CBS hopes to get a few more years out of it, the executives said.


Back in 1996 when he ran CBS’ entertainment division, Leslie Moonves started an annual breakfast meeting with reporters on the day CBS presented its fall schedule to advertisers. He continued coming to the session, informally known as “lox with Les,” even when he ascended to the role of corporate chieftain and underlings presented the schedule. He loved to kibbitz and take shots at rivals.

But with Moonves in the midst of a corporate battle over control over CBS Corp., even he was convinced that showing up to a roomful of reporters wasn’t a particularly good idea.

“When the number of questions he couldn’t answer outnumbered the number of questions he could, he felt it was better to sit this one out,” said Kahl.

Moonves didn’t have to sweat his reception by advertisers and CBS staffers gathered at Carnegie Hall for the network’s new season pitch. Moonves, who has long and successfully steered CBS, got a standing ovation from many in the auditorium.

“So, how’s your week been?” a droll Moonves said to the crowd, drawing laughs.


Snoop Dogg should be used to smoke.

But it was amusing to watch the rap star and host of the TBS game show “The Joker’s Wild” get a little lost in a cloud of it. Snoop briefly performed some of his best-known songs before an audience of advertisers attending the Turner Networks’ schedule presentation at Madison Square Garden’s theater.

An onstage smoke machine did its job efficiently as Snoop was about to make his exit, and as he became enveloped in the smoke, he was heard to mutter some concern about the door where he had to make his exit. A stagehand with a flashlight showed him the way.

(© Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

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