(new) Hawaii Five-0 on CBS

the new Hawaii Five-0 on CBS

So, we finally watched the episode. I really liked it. I loved Eddie, but was a bit disappointed about the amount of screen-time. I hope we’ll see a lot more of him.

Looking forward to the integration of Junior, I think he will be an interesting and likeable character.

Loved Steve and Grover, a great pairing.

The case was way too predictable to be interesting.

The highlights surely were Steve and Eddie. Such an adorable pair. 😉 Their scenes were the best parts of the episode.

All in all, I have nothing much to complain about. It was, for me, a very enjoyable episode.
(By the way, this was Sam’s POV)


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TV Show: Hawaii Five-0
Episode Title: Nā Iā ʻĪlio (Dog Days)
Original Air Date: October 6, 2017
Episode Number: 8×02

Episode Description

McGarrett and Five-0 work with an injured police dog who is the only witness to an ambushed drug bust. Also, McGarrett is visited by Junior Reigns, a former SEAL who is looking to join the task force.

My Review

Not too keen on the other replacement because he bugged the hell out of me, forcing his way onto Steve’s life and almost demanding that he give him a job in Five-0. The hell? That’s why I was happy that Steve demanded that he train with the police academy first, but of course, we know that next episode something will happen and he’ll be integrated onto the team. Meh.

I would much rather have another female join the task force just to balance out the testosterone. Of course, I wouldn’t be complaining if Chin and Kono were still on the show, but now that the show has a chance to introduce new characters, why couldn’t they introduce another female character?

The scenes with Eddie in the end were so sad. He went back to the cemetery to be close to his former partner, aww. I got teary-eyed when Steve sat down next to him and told him it was going to be alright. I hope Eddie becomes a member of Five-0 and that Steve becomes his new owner. Now this is one addition to the team I won’t mind. So funny when Grover became all pro-Eddie after he saved his life, lol.

Of course Casper Van Dien was the mastermind behind the cocaine smuggling so that wasn’t a shock at all. Neither was the reveal that that DEA agent was working for him. He deserved getting rip by Eddie. Crooked bastard.

Loved McDanno’s bickering in the car about importing tap water from Jersey to make the pizza dough. I’m with Danny on this one. Jersey tap water is unlike anything else and that’s what makes the pizza so good. Trust me on this. I’m from Jersey. 😃


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The Birth of McEddie. The hottest new Bromance on TV.

And the best of Grover’s faces ….

McGrover is now in 2nd place after McEddie

But here is the story ………

We meet a cute doggie.

Doggie’s handler dies in a drug raid.

Doggie gets shot.

Steve still drinks bulletproof coffee.

Steve meets Junior Reigns.

Steve meets doggie – his name is Eddie.

Steveworries about Eddie.

Steve asks Jerry to keep track of Eddie’s condition.

Eddie is out of surgery and eating

– seems like the regular miraculous Five-0 recovery.

Junior washes Steve’s truck

Steve is gorgeous

Eddie leads drug raid

Eddie saves Lou

Eddie’s owner gets buried the same day?

Juniorgets a job with the condition of going to the police academy first.

Although he still prefers felines, Steve cooks for Eddie….

Eddie runs away to cemetery to mourn his dead handler.

Stevefound another broken toy to fix …….

The End

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There will be a Sunset on the Beach, after all. CBS Television Studios announced Nov. 10 as the date for its annual Sunset on the Beach featuring the cast of “Hawaii Five-0” at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki.

The cast and crew of “Hawaii Five-0” will once again walk the red carpet at Waikiki Beach for an annual Sunset on the Beach screening.

Latest news via Star Advertiser

And Hawaii News Now

“We are thrilled to once again announce that Hawaii Five-0 will be at Sunset on the Beach in beautiful Waikiki on Nov. 10,” said executive producer Peter Lenkov in a statement.

It won’t be a season premiere like in previous years, but fans will still gather around the big screen to watch a brand new episode from the show’s eighth season.

Since the event will be taking place on Veterans Day weekend, veterans and active duty members of the military are invited to attend as special guests.

“This annual event is a highlight of our year, when the cast and crew get to bring our show directly to fans and friends worldwide,” said Executive Producer Peter Lenkov, in a statement. “This year, in honor of Veterans Day, we will dedicate this event to America’s real heroes who inspire us and our show each and every day.”

Thousands of fans from Hawaii and all over the world have flocked to Queen’s Surf Beach in what’s become an annual tradition. Many of the show’s cast and crew members have also stopped onto the red carpet to greet fans and join the festivities.

“Hawaii Five-0” stars expected to attend include Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Ian Anthony Dale, Meaghan Rath, Beulah Koale, Chi McBride, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Wily, Kimee Balmilero and Dennis Chun.


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OK, so maybe Hilarie Burton isn’t TV’s cutest DEA agent.

In tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 (titled “Nā lā ‘īlio”/”Dog Days” and airing on CBS at 9/8c), McGarrett & Co. meet Eddie, a recently injured police dog who is the only witness to an ambushed drug bust.

In the sneak peek above, Five-0 works with SWAT and the DEA (Eddie included!) to sniff out the location of a drug stash. But before they do, everyone must give their colleague cop a pat on the head for good luck. Which team member is juuuust a bit reluctant to do so? Press play above to find out.

Elsewhere in the episode, McGarrett is visited by Junior Reigns (played by new series regular Beulah Koale), a former SEAL who is looking to join the task force — but who probably doesn’t get paid in kibble.

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